It might be hard to fathom why anyone would be willing to wait for up to half an hour for braised pig offal, but that's exactly what I found myself doing one rainy Sunday morning at Dunman Food Centre, and oh boy was it worth it. We got a mix of everything to try along with two bowls of noodles. The intestines and skin were beautifully tender and gelatinous yet retained some bite, whilst spongy strips of tau pok were practically bursting with flavour from having been soaked interminably in the braising liquid. Hidden under the mound of other ingredients, elusive slices of tender pork belly and duck meat awaited discovery by my chopsticks probing for hidden treasure. A rare few pristine white cubes of fishcake made for a pleasant surprise. Of course, eggs are a must and I ordered 2. Slurp down everything along with the silky flat rice noodles and soup. Magic.

Taste: 4/5

Their braised pig's ears are oh-so-good too! 😋😋
Saw your post that's why I went there Veronica Phua 👍
Haha, glad to hear you enjoyed it then! 😄 Jason Wong