If you are using Burpple Beyond here, note that there is a clause not stated anywhere on the app that the 1-for-1 is only valid for items capped at a maximum value of $21.90, effectively eliminating half the items from the smoked meats section. We still got a pretty good deal, but it was not what we had wanted to eat so it was a little disappointing. Also even though it was only 7+pm and there was only 1 other table in the restaurant apart from us, they had run out of all their pasta dishes which further limited options to just 2 rice bowls.

I ended up with the beef brisket bowl and they were pretty generous with the amount of beef brisket, which I appreciated. I'm a huge fan of smoked meats so I was hoping for a smokier flavour. My favorite element however was the hae bi hiam topping which I thought was a brilliant idea. I did not care for the fried bits at the side which I found to be very greasy and filled with oil while not bringing much to the dish in terms of flavour.

Meat Platter
Beef Brisket Rice Bowl & Duck Noodles
For 1-for-1 Main Dish (save ~$21)
1 For 1 On Burpple Beyond
Rice Bowls
Beef Brisket Bowl
[šŸ“Singapore] This glorious slab of Aged Beef Ribeye from Noods & Meats was amazinggg!
Beef Ribs
Smoked Mac And Cheese
Bae Noods
For Halal Smoked Meats
Burnt Ends Buns (SGD $9.90) @ Noods & Meats.