Chanced upon this restaurant when the queue for the restaurant we wanted to try was ridiculously long and quite enjoyed this!

The portions are generous with this huge bowl of Spicy Crab Broth Ramen with Flavoured Egg, which comes with a hanjuku egg, a few slices of char siew, the spicy chili paste, and I added a giant piece of seaweed. The first thing I tried was the broth and boy was it rich! I could really taste the crab in the broth but it surprisingly didn’t have that seafood undertone, it was just rich crab broth. We were also served some sides to snack on while waiting and I really liked the bean sprouts, which we got seconds of.

Overall, this meal is on the heavier side as the rich broth can be quite filling as well as all that ramen but I’m glad we got to try this restaurant because a crab broth ramen is quite unique and not something I’ve tried before.

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