Had order Chicken cutlet jjolmyeon, Prawn aglio olio, Garlic carbonara, Truffle fries & Sweet potato fries. Definitely worth the price! Food by far one of the best I have so far. Nice ambience too.

My Rating:
1. Chicken cutlet jjolmyeon 2.5/5; love their chicken cutlet but noodles.. so so..

2. Prawn aglio olio 4/5; flavourful definitely a must try for those spicy/aglio olio lovers

3. Garlic carbonara 4.5/5; My most favourite dish, esp when adding a hint of Tabasco sauce in it 💙

4. Truffle fries 3.5/5; quite amazed that the fries still remains crispy even after it cool down. Not like those which will turn soggy. But can be better if the truffle taste is stronger!