Omg so let me start off by saying that these egg tarts are absolutely wonderful!! ❤️❤️
I toasted these for about 10mins and even before then I could pick up the smell of these pastries. The crust is honestly the main focus of the tart and admittedly I will say that it is what makes this egg tart so special. The pastry crust was a combination of crumbly with a bit of crunch and the buttery flavour hits home. Surprisingly, if you eat the egg custard and the crust separately you’ll realise that the custard is mildly sweet, and most of the sweetness actlly comes from the crust. It is ideal in the sense that a toned down custard draws attention to the butter rich tart, but surprisingly the butter taste doesn’t overwhelm the custard, not distracting from the idea or flavours of what makes an egg tart.

Would I eat it again : HECK YES!! I swear if you’ve never tried this in Singapore you’re missing out in life