Dish: recommended by the cafe assistant, the carrot cake was true to her description of it. Carrot cake was moist and the salted caramel walnut on top of the cake was too good; it was a perfectly balanced delicious cake. Iced latte (w soy milk) - super good. I normally have my iced lattes with sugar syrup but with this one, I didn’t want any because I wanted to taste the coffee. Bitter yes but so full of taste. Sea salt chocolate came with a chilled glass - it is what it is and it is good. You’ll like it if you like your iced chocolate thick (not thin). Basically, “molten chocolate goodness packed in a bottle” 🌞
Price: Carrot cake ($8.50), iced latte ($6) + soy ($0.60), sea salt chocolate ($7.00)
Experience: Was very sure the cafe assistant saw that I was holding a laptop and knew that I’d need a power outlet so she chauffeured me to the table right beside one. 💖 ambience was really nice, really beautiful interior and homely feel with carpets laying around and earthy furniture. Rlly good taste in music too, chill sounds. Perfect for breakfast/brunch and lots of seats indoor and outdoor. Sooo much natural light. Not gonna lie; instagram-worthy 🙇🏻‍♀️