Who loves Yo ji mee sua, kee chiew, especially so for Uncle Daniel's bowl of traditional Yo Ji (kidney) Mee Sua! Those who stays around Hillcrest will know of his famous #BakChorMee but I tell you his mee sua is lagi better!

The soup recipe was inherited from his grandmother, heavenly and rich in black sesame oil! Thick slices of quickly blanched pig kidney and with a mix of pork liver. Within the soup, you find bits of lard, shallots and julienned ginger. Add $2.50 for some brandy or cognac to give the soup based and extra oomph!

I think this makes great #confinementfood too! Seriously, I don't mind travelling all the way from SengKang West just to eat it again! I would not go for other kidney mee sua unless I can find another one with a soup base better than Uncle Dan's! Pretty easy to locate, it is side by side #SozoEducation, a tuition centre, which is just right beside, run by Uncle Dan's better half.