Got these huge curry buns hot out of the oven. Unfortunately because they were hot, they all got squished into each other so they’re out of shape, but who cares how misshapen they look because they’re super duper delicious.

The bun is pillowy soft and bouncy, and the smell of the freshly baked bread is incredibly enticing. Taking a bite into the warm bun, I was rewarded with a whole mouthful of potato curry. Trust me when I say they are generous with the filling. I think there was even more curry than bread! The curry isn’t really spicy, which might not satisfy spice lovers, but it’s still delicious in my books. Plus, with such soft bread, I really don’t care how spicy the potato curry is.

These buns really take me back to my primary school days, when traditional bakeries were much more common. I’m glad that Sing Hon Loong is still around and we can buy awesome bread anytime of the day - but fingers crossed that they will stay open for years and years to come as labour gets harder to find and the workers grow older.

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