Dropped a visit as noticed Putien now is on Burpple Beyond. Putien fans, rejoice!

Ordered Spinach in Supreme stock and Fried Heng Hwa beehoon under 1-for-1 deal. Both was quite good.

Noticed they have seasonal menu - everything made from oysters. There are 7 dishes to choose from; seasoned fresh oyster, traditional oyster soup, seaweed oyster with fried eggs, basil braised oyster, oyster pancake, pan-fried oyster bee hoon and oyster omelette. Sounds like a cholesterol festival going on! 😂

So I ordered their best seller Oyster Omelette, to my surprise it’s slightly over fried. The colour was deep golden brown in overall omelette, looks different compared with picture in the menu.

I was expecting it to has a starchy texture and chewy, paired with plump oysters, but I was wrong. The texture was just crispy. Nonetheless it still acceptable to eat, although a bit disappointed.

The star dish of the day, would goes to Spinach in supreme stock. Well done 👏🏻 the gravy was flavourful and has subtle century egg taste.