So I just stumbled upon this gem in the basement of Dunman Food Centre. I had already inhaled a plate of my favourite “Joo Chiat Ah Huat Wanton Noodle” but was feeling greedy, so at the spur of the moment, decided to try food from this stall.
There were only a few dishes on display but somehow, I had an inkling they were going to taste very good. I was right. The two items I ordered - sambal goreng and the mix of paru (cow’s lung) with daging (beef) sambal were truly aromatic and delicious. If you have never enjoyed paru because you thought it’s too hard and chewy, the one here will be a revelation in spongey softness. But it’s not just that. The rempah (blend of spices) of both dishes are drool-worthy. Even the splash of sayur lodeh gravy on my rice was wonderfully fragrant and thick-ish.
I chatted briefly to the young Malay lady who owns this stall and she said although she has walk-in customers, the bulk of her business is catering. There is a Whatsapp number on her @daunlimaurecipes account for orders to be placed if you are keen to try. And I do think if you are like me and enjoy rich, spicy Malay food, you should. She does hers really well.