Visited Kucina on a Monday afternoon and I thoroughly enjoyed my lunch. I had the La Barca Funghi E Tartufo - a pizza dish shaped like a Pide, topped with a cheesy, creamy, truffle mushroom filling. It was DELICIOUS. It is a very creamy dish so it would be great for sharing but honestly, I had most of it to myself and I didn’t find it too overwhelming. I would have loved a little more of the nicely charred mushrooms on top though! It lent the dish a nice earthiness to complement the richness of it all. We had the Pannacotta for dessert which was really good too. The raspberry and mango coulis was just tart enough to cut through the smooth creamy pudding. It was a really pleasant experience overall and I’ll definitely be back to try more dishes! The restaurant has a warm ambience and friendly staff. Would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a chill, fuss-free but delicious Italian meal.