Pretty good meat buffet but salad bar was pretty lacking. Really enjoyed the grilled pork belly, grilled pineapples and beef hump (in descending order). Other meats like lamb, beef rump and fish were a little dry, while chicken thigh was done well (it’s a cheap meat so can’t fill up on these HAHA). Salad buffet was pretty limited with the usual basic vegetables (salad base, sauces, broccoli, cauliflower, carrot) with very mediocre carbs (tasteless aglio olio, tasteless rice, 2 potato salads; go for the fresh hot grilled garlic bread instead!) and some protein (meh prawns, dry chicken, meh sausage skewers). Recommend to just go there and whack the meat buffet, cleansing your palate in between with the hot sweet goodness of the pineapple (and other fruits like watermelon and honeydew), and end off with ice cream! (Thai milk tea is pretty decent!) PSA: Only worth if you use eatigo for 50% off between 1745-1845 and 2115-2215 daily (they close at 2300)!!