24 Jun’19, Mon⛅️⁣
📍Man Man Japanese Unagi Restaurant 鰻満 (Keong Saik Rd)⁣
- Large Hitsumabushi 特上ひつまぶし🍱⁣

Introducing unagi don to le mum~🤣⁣
So yummy can~🤤⁣

Probably cos it’s Monday, we only waited for 15min, heng ah!😜⁣

Like how fresh the unagi was (freshly prepared, of course right), how on point the sauce was, eating them together with a bit of wasabi, surprisingly the wasabi wasn’t as pungent as I expected, I quite like it eh (even though I’m not a fan of wasabi)!

Eating the unagi with broth was also delish~ like fish soup rice (oops), but more flavourful than your usual fish soup that is~

Man Man is still my first choice (as of now) when it comes to unagi don~

Damage: $46.35