I’m a modernist, my philosophies in life are heavily dictated by maintaining relevance and relinquishing the obsolete, which has rewarded me with glimpses of the future, consequentially making me the god I am today. That being said, my reverence for the oldest of establishments that pioneer a generation of culinary feats knows no bounds; practice makes perfect, and a place like Toh Kee which happens to be Singapore’s oldest roast meat stall (since 1926) exemplifies that.
Located on the first storey of the famous People’s Park Complex, the stall is instantly recognisable with its bold black and gold calligraphic letterings, as well as roasted ducks on display that are actually darker on the surface than most, due to the fact that they are charcoal grilled
1️⃣ 3 Types of Roasted Meat (烧味三拼) ($24/28) - one can hope to test the waters of the stall’s prowess by ordering this, a platter of the famous trifecta of roast duck, roast pork and char siew. Their roast duck is marked by the charcoal grilling, lending a crisp skin and a subtle smokiness that most roast ducks lose in the process of service.
2️⃣ Roast Duck with Rice($6/9) - if you’re looking for a meal for one at this quintessential spot for roast meat, this would be the prime choice
Excellent meats, fast and efficient service that is no doubt proof that practice indeed makes perfect after 93 years of consistent effort.

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