Arcade fish soup!!! My favourite food when I started my first official job in raffles place area. I will be amongst the long lines of office ladies queueing for this piping hot arcade fish soup! And because lines get very longggg I used to run there for early lunch as early at ~1115am! It was like my routine to eat this once a week! Fast forward, I recently tried the marina bay outlet branch one during circuit breaker period (takeaway self collection) and wasn't impressed with it. Recently, the Guillemard outlet one just reopened and one can buy it through grabfood / foodpanda delivery. No walk in takeaway allowed though. And the price of this fish soup is getting more and more ex. It costs $9 for a fried fish soup with thick vermicelli noodles now! This is my standard order + add milk for the soup 😊 (Used to be $5.5 back in 2012 and then $6.5 a few years $9?!!) But I was using a $5 grabfood voucher for my purchase so the pinch I felt was smaller haha. Having tried all 3, I must say the original arcade outlet still serves the best. And marina bay outlet ranks last for me. Guillemard's outlet ranking is in the middle for me and passable. They only have 1 cook and 1 boss (Manning the delivery counter) so do make your orders early here as well! When I arrived to collect my self-pick up order, the order wasn't even made yet because they were prioritising the delivery orders. So do cater time to pick up your order! Also, do check your orders before leaving... Because they gave me the wrong rice instead of vermicelli order (lucky I checked if not I will be angry over the 50 cents diff lol)! Also saw another foodpanda rider returning to get food items that was not delivered 🤦🏻‍♀️