Although they say it’s sufficient for two people, this gigantic sharing plate of seafood could possibly be shared between 3 and maybe even 4 people. The quantity and decently good quality seafood makes this worth it especially if you’re on a budget but still wish to indulge in some local seafood.

You are given oysters (raw or fried - your choice), octopus salsa, fried squid, fried fish, and an octopus burger. The octopus burger was a bit of a letdown - the octopus patty had an almost paste-like consistency when we were expecting something with a chunkier texture. Regardless, the other components more than made up for it and will definitely fill you up. The tartar and sweet chilli sauce helps to cut through all that grease and allows you to (possibly) finish that entire platter.

You may feel a little bloated from eating all that fried food, but for that price and quality, you probably wouldn’t regret it.

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