Been wanting to try this for awhile and it was shiok!

Atas version of nonya caipng, I love, but not well-versed in this cuisine - but every dish was pretty well executed to me.

Quite a good variety of dishes to pick from and there’s an interesting kerabu (salad) section.

The prices turned out ok, ranging from $5-10. Everything would’ve been about $15/pax, with the exception of the fish (swipe to see!) which we happily ordered without checking the price 😂 The fish was firm flaky and nicely crisp and flavour - which was good, but was very, very pricey.

My favourite was the yam cake, which was nicely fried, soft and you could still taste the chunks of yam; hae cho with bits of fresh prawns in deep fried bean curd skin; chapchye was also very flavourful and texture was soft with a bit of bite from the black fungus. Go for the tender beef rendang! Ayam Buahkeluak was earthy but rather light while the chicken was undoubtedly tender and succulent. We also ordered a soup - the meatball was juicy and well seasoned, tho we weren’t a fan of the soup itself which had a hint of alkaline taste.

Good for groups if you like sharing and trying a bit of everything. Wouldn’t mind coming back once in awhile!