If you're familiar with SS15 Subang Jaya, you'll know of the famous "Japanese Food Row" opposite SJMC. The reason it is called such is because of the many Japanese shops along that row. Most of them side by side. And even so, competition seems to be fair.

Enter Jyu Raku - located right beside Rakuzen, Jyu Raku's name spells out to be longevity(寿) and happiness (樂) and to deliver these aspects, Jyu Raku claims to focus on fresh and quality ingredients.

Today's feafure is Bara Chirashi Don (RM 40 pre all those lovely taxes) which was a bowl of sushi rice topped with multiple different cubes of sashimi (salmon, tuna, snapper, amberjack), avacado as well as shiitake mushrooms, kani sticks, perilla leaves and salmon roe. Much can be said about the sashimi. Fresh. Firm. Comes in a good amount to ensure every bite is met with rice AND fish/whatever you want. The rice was also nicely seasoned and the mushrooms had lots of flavour to give taste to the sashimi and rice.

The parking however... dinner and lunch times prove to find parking a challenge. But valet parking is available and is based on tips. So if you trust them with your car... I guess why not?