Never had crème brûlée french toast before (didn’t even really know such a combo was possible) but this was the highlight of our meal!

Highly recommend ordering this delicious breakfast dessert if you’re at @elixir.boutiqueroasters. The french toast is soft and fluffy (albeit not really eggy like you might expect…) and the creme brulee is chef’s kiss. Loved the fruits as well.

As for the spaghetti bolognese, the description said beef ragu which was what I was expecting but actually it’s spaghetti bolognese and not beef ragu - they are two completely different things. Consensus was that it’s quite mediocre and I think steep at $18++, not worth ordering, anyone could make it at home. Portion size is a bit too much (even for two people) and the flavour is a little bland although the pasta is al dente. There’s much better pasta in the vicinity over at Da Paolo or Atlas Coffeehouse. I probably should have ordered beef rendang instead. Might try that next time. Also, this place has more of a nighttime/bar kind of vibe rather than a daytime cosy/brunch kind of feel to it.