Located at The Midtown (nearest station: Hougang), Snacky and Crisps sells snacks flavoured after our local delights, and currently have two snacks under their brand: Salted Egg Fish Skin and Laksa Potato Crisps ($7.50/$16) and they are top-notch in quality and authenticity of flavour. These snacks are wok-fried to perfection and have no artificial flavourings, MSG or preservatives, so you can enjoy these without worrying about your hall potentially falling off. 😆

For the Salted Egg Fish Skin, this is by far my favourite, but then again, perhaps I've just never had any fish skin that has a stronger salted egg taste. While there are pieces that aren't as strong in flavour than others, this brand's very snack still ultimately scores in my books.

After eating more of each for comparison, I slowly found myself to be more in favour of the Laksa Potato Crisps. For sure, it is the best laksa potato crisps I've had; a no-gimmicks bag of laksa flavoured chips (the coconut milk taste is pretty prominent in this too). There's even a spicy build-up as the chips keep coming, making this a very addictive snack with a kick. I hardly eat laksa myself but I think could have this over and over. 👍

If The Midtown is inconvenient for you to go to, fret not! Snacky & Crisps products can also be found at Fairprice Finest, Cheers and Discover Singapore shops at Changi Airport!

Prices might be bordering on exorbitant here, but that can possibly be overlooked thanks to the quality of flavour and freshness of the snacks produced by Snacky & Crisps! Congratulations on their recent opening, and I sincerely wish them much success! 🎊 📣 @snackycrisps and @thesocialsteward for having me at the opening! 😁