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We're so impressed by Quan Lai Kuay Chap Yesterday! Quan Lai's Herbal Broth was really top notched and Secondly the Duck Meat, Together with Intestines was extremely Flavourful that kept us going Non-Stop!.

For those Foodies Owls Out there! This can be your Next Gathering Spot. They operate till as late as 3AM! And This Portion Together With 2 bowls Of Kuay Chap Cost Us less than $10/Pax! How affordable can this even be? East-Siders should really rejoice!.

I am a fan of kweh chap and first time to this place , totally disappointed with the quality of the food and price , with what I ordered, I could have paid only 1/2 the price . The intestine were tough, fishcake Super fishy and chilli sauce sweet