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From the Burpple community

Canada and America are seriously the land of cheap fruits and yogurts. Almost all the Greek and Icelandic yogurts are a fraction of the price of what we would get in Singapore. Skotidakis Icelandic Skyr is made in Canada, and comes with 0% fat, and multiple fruity flavours, as well as the classic vanilla.

I tried the Coconut flavour, and loved how thick and lusciously creamy this skyr brand was. The coconut flavour is subtle yet fragrant, making it easy to eat on its own for people who don’t like plain yogurts. While they do sell a plain 0% fat version in large containers, I wish that they would also sell those in smaller packaging too as I could only find the flavoured skyr in individual packages.

Bagged in crisp orange-pigmented chips, these thinly baked sweet potato snack is a healthier version than a deep fried potato pack. Naturally sweet and more guilt-free lol..

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I bet u having heard or seen of!? This costly pack is going at $4.99! Are u sure about this?

I loved Quaker for its new flavor, profound maple taste but gentle in the sweetness. Very addictive!!

Lovely lovely maple infused cereal! We don't get to see it on our shelves but I was lucky to get hold of one here! Snack attack!!!!!