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From the Burpple community

Php 209.00
Grilled Squid "inihaw na pusit" in tagalog (Filipino dialect) is one of my favourite seafood dish especially the stuffed one.
I don't know how they cooked the squid but I'm a bit disappointed because aside from serving it too late which we understand because of long queue, the squid was overcook, it was hard to cut and rubbery 😣. Don't order this one here but you can still try to other restaurants.

Php 315.00
One of the popular Filipino soup dish you should try when you come here in the Philippines. The hot, savoury, sour taste of "Sampalok" (Tamarind) is best eaten anytime especially during cold/rainy weather. In every sip of that soup make you want it more because of its flavouful taste. Beef meat is soft and lots of veggies, I wish they also serve more beef meat. This serving is good for 2-3person.

8" Php 31 and 12" Php 57
What I miss about pinoy foodtrip πŸ‘πŸ’πŸ˜‹... All time favorite street food -> Bbq by Ineng's!
Bbq here is one of the bestπŸ‘, very pinoy taste.

Php 65.00/solo
One of my favourite Filipino dish from Bicol region whose main ingredients are coconut milk, taro leaves, shrimp or fish sauce and red hot chili pepper.
At first bite their is the milky taste because of the coconut milk, the smooth texture comes when you chew it then slowly the flavour will spread into your mouth. The spiceness overtakes at the end when you already swallow and that experience made it to my top favourite Filipino dish of all time!
If you love creamy and spicy food you must try this bicolano dish πŸ‘Œ