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Hawker Fare

Featuring Bukit Timah Market & Food Centre, Food Opera (ION Orchard), Big Street, Yan Ji Seafood Soup (Old Airport Road Food Centre), Ah Liang Ipoh Hor Fun (Amoy Street Food Centre), Seng Kee Bak Kut Teh (Chong Boon Market & Food Centre), Liang Haus Noodle Bar (The Bedok Marketplace), May Hua Foodcourt, Hawker Chan (Toa Payoh), Mr Prawnie Fried Hokkien Big Prawn Mee
Zhihui Lim
Zhihui Lim

Finally made our way here and got the hype despite the inconvenient location - the prawn noodles were really good! Robust soup, rich in flavour. Ordered the normal and big prawns and the latter was pricey but I definitely liked the prawns better.

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Newly opened Ding Heng has a pretty simple menu focusing mainly on Bakchormee with 3 types to choose from Basic ($5.50) / Special ($8) / Premium ($12).

We liked the bakchormee! I usually go for the Special, for additional ingredients like prawn and shrimp paste. Premium has an additional ingredient of abalone if you’re feeling fancy.

Usually not a fan of fishball but I actually enjoyed the ones here which were bouncy and very juicy. I love that they add ti poh (fried sole fish)! A little inconsistency here - was more crisp when I had it during lunch vs dinner’s.

Would ask for more vinegar the next time I order. So far we’ve been doing takeaways so the noodles may not be the best (kway tiao is highly recommended if you’re doing takeaways!)

One thing to note, their chilli is VERY spicy by my standards but very shiok (but I think they received quite a bit of feedback as they said they were gonna tone it down a bit🤣).

As for side dishes, didn’t quite mind the otah, which was also spicy. Prawn roll were more like crispy prawn cake, a bit oily but shiok. Would skip the fish fritters 😬

Aside from bakchormee, there’s fishball noodles and laksa. We enjoyed the laksa too! Didn’t add chilli so it wasn’t spicy, gravy was creamy but not too heavy with a nutty fragrance.

📍 Ding Heng Noodles
E!Avenue #01-340 (next to Don Don Donki)

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Seems like King of Fried Rice is on a roll - they recently opened in Bedok and now Tampines too! Ordered this via foodpanda delivery (free delivery with min order of $25), so pardon the plating - there were a lot more tobiko than what it looks like here 🙃

Enjoyed the Crab with Tobiko egg fried rice a lot, no wokhei but I liked how each grains were fluffy and nicely separated, eggy enough, they didn’t skimp on the crab meat nor tobiko and the pork chop was tender and juicy. It’s a bit pricey at $11.50 for the crab fried rice (and +$5.50 for pork cutlet) from delivery platforms but wouldn’t mind ordering in once in awhile/ if I’m in the area.

Picked the most expensive option which came with prawns, pork ribs and homemade tobiko prawn balls. Messy bowl featured here cos it was actually served in 2 bowls (1 with ingredients, the other with noodles). The soup with only ingredients was sweet and robust, damn shiok!


Finally made it here and the pork liver here is really as good as everyone said 😋 Thick, perfectly cooked and so darn creamy and tender but with a good bite!!!

Noodles were ok but the next time I’m here I will get the pork liver soup instead (the ones all over social media with lotsssssss of pork liver!!) And possibly add some of the pork balls which I did try this round ($0.7 for 1, $2 for 3). Soft and the minced meat within was juicy and flavorful.

Do expect a wait of at least half an hour (to an hour).

📍 Jin Xi Lai (Mui Siong) Minced Meat Noodles
638 Veerasamy Road
Closed on Wednesdays
Opening hours till 2.30pm or sold out (except Sundays and PH 2pm)

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The harcheong gai was very crispy and juicy, though it was a bit greasy but shiok!


We picked red snapper for the steamboat, super fresh and chunky with a good bite. Loved how comfortingly sweet the soup was with the cabbage, yam and tofu and there’s also fried sole fish! If I’m not wrong, you can request for top up of the soup.

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Their signature is the Pork Satay (which requires reservation in advance!) so we got the Pincho Sate Chicken ($9 for 10). They also sell frozen satay, but again, these require advance reservation.

Not your typical local satay, the chicken skewers were described to be a Spanish-Indonesian fusion of flavours; chunkier, juicy and ohso tender with just the right ratio of meat/fat, drizzled with a delicious homemade chimichurri sauce.

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Signature noodle comes with the option of $6/8/10, which seems slightly pricy for bcm but I enjoyed this overall. You get to choose the type of noodles, whether you want vinegar and chilli; I did think it could do with a bit more vinegar.

Noodles were qq, and I liked the sweet tasting soup that came with it. Decent portion of minced/ sliced pork, the fish dumpling (her kiao) was quite plump with just the right thickness, prawns were fresh!

New stall at Pasir Ris Hawker with only 3 items on the menu.

Initially thought $7 was really too high a price point for congee (there’s also a $15 version) but it includes salmon, prawns and scallop; while still pricey, at least I kinda get why. Flavourful, possibly from the prawn oil and wok-fried prawns. Thought the wokhei wasn’t strong, but I liked it overall. Also loved the addition of chye poh for that sweet-salty crunch in contrast to the smooth congee. While not something I’ll get everyday cos my wallet will cry, definitely something I’ll come back for.

The tea-smoked salmon ($12.90) was a pleasant surprise. Thought it looked dry, but it most certainly wasn’t. Portion was good, the salmon was moist, flaky, smoky and very tasty.

(Edit: salmon is now $9.90! Not quite sure but it might be a slightly smaller portion than the original; and the prices for congee is now $6.90/$12.90)

📍Reimondo Seafood Congee
Pasir Ris Central Hawker #02-07


Springy noodles, comes with Xiao yu Xiang and ikan bilis. Quite generous with the minced meat, pretty satisfied with this comforting soup and perfectly cooked liver!

📍Ah Ma Chi Mian 阿嬷吃麵

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Noticed there’s always a queue! While I’d prefer thicker slices of fish, thought this was pretty good for $5. This porridge was more like soup + rice. Soup here is light, and not too oily (save for the use of fried shallots). Quite generous with ingredients, sliced fish was firm and fresh; so were the sweet crunchy prawns and sotong which had just the right texture - not too chewy nor soft.

📍T.G Fish Porridge
#01-50, Haig Rd Market & Food Centre



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