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Hawker Fare

Hawker Fare

Featuring 121 Eating House, Rong Cheng Bak Kut Teh, Big Street, Garden Street Kway Chap (Serangoon Garden Market), The Deck (National University Of Singapore), Traditional Haig Road Putu Piring (Haig Road Market & Food Centre), Good Morning Nanyang Cafe (Maxwell Chambers), Kwong Satay (Geylang), May Hua Foodcourt, Mr Prawnie Fried Hokkien Big Prawn Mee
Zhihui Lim
Zhihui Lim
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@chubtutusg brings this traditional snack tu a whole new level with interesting, unconventional flavours (their specials for the week are mango and chicken charsiew).

Even after bringing them home it was still soft and fluffy for quite awhile. I liked how they’re generous with the fillings. Preferred the coconut and gula melaka which wasn’t too sweet!

📍Block 248 Simei St 3 Pasar Malam (Next to Simei Mrt) till 27 March 2019


Not too shabby, enjoyed this carrot cake! Added on extra egg as usual, and the sides were even crisped (despite the colour it wasn’t charred!). I liked the presence of caipohs, especially since my recent caitaokueh experiences didn’t have those😕. The kueh was soft but not too soft; and portion was quite generous so I don’t think I would be able to finish this entirely on my own. Chili was shiok and rather potent to me.


The porridge/ rice here is $0.70 for the first bowl - but it’s free flow!

I liked the prawn paste chicken ($8 - S), it was crisp, juicy and fragrant! Another must order would be the fluffy chaipoh omelette ($5 - S). Greasy but as with all fantastic tasting eggs, it’s worth the calories to me. Would’ve liked more chaipoh in it, but it’s probably just a little inconsistency.

The dark sauce of the clay pot pork liver ($8 - S) was very tasty, and liver was tender, a little powdery but pretty decent (prefer Nan Zhen’s in the same hawker centre); the claypot brinjal was good though gravy was quite similar. We enjoyed the long bean sambal too - had a good spicy kick and cooked just right so it still had a nice crunch. The fried sambal lala was the least impressive of the dishes we ordered as it lacked the plumpness and sweetness that we expected from fresh clams. Enjoyed the sauce though it tasted more like those of chili crab than sambal with the addition of egg and sweetness.

📍 4pm - 1am


First back-to-work lunch was this mazesoba from 2 months old @dailynoodlessg and I enjoyed it!

The dash of Japanese vinegar helped to enhance the flavours and whet one’s appetite. Toss well with the runny onsen egg and you’ve got a luscious creamy bowl. The noodles were good (tho it visually reminds one of maggi mee lol) - I liked how springy it was with a good bite, they were quite generous with the smoky chashu and it was tender! Overall a pretty good bowl of mazesoba for its price ($6) and I’ll definitely be back! 😋


Well this was a pretty damn good claypot porridge! Didn’t want to dive right into the most expensive $10 flower crab/ prawn/ yellow eel/ clam so I decided to try the more basic claypot porridge - Special Pork & Prawn($5/12/18) - very flavourful, I liked how the texture was just right - I can taste each individual grain without it being overly mushy or watery, and ingredients (minced pork and prawns) are fresh! It might have been a tad too salty towards the end for me but I easily finished the entire dish by myself. Generally a very enjoyable comforting dish to have - even if it’s sweltering hot today 😂


Nothing fancy, very delicious and affordable Curry Chicken Stew for only $2.80! For those who like it spicy, this is probably too mild but it’s just right for me. Quite lemak and they’re pretty generous with the ingredients for its price! Wish I had tummy space for bread to soak up the rest of the gravy 😛


First time here and I LOVE IT. Very rich soup bursting with umami without being too salty, decent portion of chunky minced meat balls and the seafood ingredients of fish and prawns are fresh, so no wonder the minimum cost of seafood soup is $6, but I think it was worth every. penny.


The other day when there wasn’t a queue so of course I had to!

Star of the show is as usual, the caramelised, smoky charsiew; with a very generous amount of minced meat with the choice of Hakka noodles. Do toss it up well before eating. Also, I really liked the chilli!

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Old school carrot cake sticks ($2 for 12 pieces) - piping hot crispy edges, soft kueh, a tad too oily but a very shiok snack once in awhile😁


One of the best chengtng, refreshing and not too sweet plus it’s chock full of ingredients - some of which I rarely see - other than the usual suspects, you’ve got candied winter melon, crunchy chestnuts and dried persimmons.


It’s just like kueh tutu, only better - melt in the mouth with just the right texture, not overly stiff/ mushy and of course the real deal of gula melaka which is supposed to be gooey, but some parts of it may have hardened by the time we had it. Still good tho!!!


Ordered the $5 prawn noodles and added $1 for more lala (thankfully generous with the ingredients and the lala were quite plump and juicy). Pretty sure there was a whiff of Chinese wine when it was first served to us - soup was flavourful but light so perhaps it’s not for people who prefer a richer broth. Generally enjoyed it except for the prominent taste of garlic/ shallots towards the end. Prawns were alright but not as fresh as we had expected, so we will probably just go for the lala noodles or perhaps spend a little on the crayfish! Wouldn’t mind having this again when I’m in the area.



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