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Featuring Chock Full Of Beans, 85 Fengshan Centre (Bedok 85), Pizzeria Mozza, Omakase Burger (The Grandstand), 28 HongKong Street, Morsels, Brasserie Gavroche, Ming Kee Live Seafood, Kiasu Espresso | the earliest bird, National Museum of Singapore
baoeatsworld x
baoeatsworld x

My faves included the chicken oysters, meatball dipped in egg yolk and the Yardbird Junmai sake as per usual 😍

Already in my tummy: the white truffle (the mushroom type) & hazelnut flavour. OMG sooo good. And there's a 八宝茶 flavour somewhere in there. Love PH's creative flavours! 😍 #pierreherme #macarons

Homecooked Hainanese chicken rice cooked from scratch by yours truly. Hands are so tingly-painful from the chilli chopping OMG. *exhausted*

Homemade kaya toast, soft boiled eggs & white coffee to cheer myself up abit! The very pandan-y kaya from Table At 7 is TDF :)

A pizza with pizzazz: funghi misti, fontina, taleggio & thyme. Love the base here.

Finally trying the cheeseburger here, while it had shades of shake shack's awesomeness I find the prices here a bit too high - 22$ for what u see here OMG. Am I living in SG?? And why no sweet potato fries?!?!

And other yums trusty dishes: deep fried salmon skin, steamed mussels and clams with garlic, roasted chicken, herbal frog legs with brands essence (totally not into 田鸡 but I like this!)

Plain Vanilla cupcakes! Loved the salted caramel one (:

Fave new Jap snack from Malebranche, Kyoto: Okoicha (very strong green tea from Uji) langue de chat cookies sandwiching a layer of white chocolate. Oh-em-gee. Wins Tokyo Banana hands down.

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