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My Comfort Food

My Comfort Food

Featuring Tiong Shian Porridge Centre 長城粥品 (New Bridge Road), One Raffles Place, Marks & Spencer (Wheelock Place), Garrett Popcorn Shops ([email protected]), Daiso, Daiso, -, -
Geraldine Tay
Geraldine Tay

Mini Oreo - Vanilla Cream & Matcha Latte.


Nothing beats homecooked food! Missing the yummy KBB (Kong Ba Bao) that my aunt made last weekend! Soft & fluffy steamed bun + tender braised pork belly. SooOoo gooood!

Hand Model: The Chef aka My Aunt.


Reese's Peanut Butter Cup giveaway earlier... I 💕 PBC! TGIF, peeps! 😁😊

Marmite Chips - Salty but addictive! Reminds me of my childhood days... Eating porridge with marmite. Those were the days...

Snacking is not bad as long as you do it in moderation & make "healthier" choices. Good Health Natural Products' Olive Oil-Rosemary Potato Chips contain only 4 (GMO-free) ingredients - Potatoes, Olive Oil, Rosemary & Sea Salt. Crunchy potato chips packed with #rosemary & sea salt flavour minus the additives. NO trans-fat, NO MSG. Plus, it's gluten free & 20% less fat than regular potato chips! Woohoo~


😍😍 Any Nutella fans?

ME! 🙋🙋


Crispy, juicy deep fried chicken wings! 🐔

Mixed congee (雜粥) at $4.90. Super big bowl of smooth, velvety congee with lotsa ingredients like pig liver, intestines, minced pork balls, sliced fish & cuttlefish. Taste pretty decent. Not the best but definitely decent enough to satisfy my craving! *burps*

Matcha Caramel Corn! The milk flavour overpower the matcha taste. Would be better if the matcha flavour is stronger~ Not as sweet as some flavours thou', which is a plus point!