Special Occasion

Special Occasion

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Lester Pascua
Lester Pascua

Hizon's is known for delicious food specially "cakes" "ensaymada" etc. and this place is the favorite restaurant of Comedy King "Dolhpy" and now they served some of his favorites. Try their palabok, cakes, bread etc.and am sure you will hook by this restaurant. Please do visit my website also: http://lesterfoodie.webr.ly/

love the meat and also please order French fries definitely a must. Oooopss I forgot if you ask for additional gravy you have to pay extr P 20 box. Well much better if they will give it for free I mean hello...

for some reason I don't know why all of sudden I became not a fan of hot food...which I remember before I love hot food, my mum is bicolana so more on the hot stuff...Anyways this one is not so hot they have 2 types of this food the spicy one an the super spicy...but for me I like the not so spicy...I love it and you should try also.

Am sure all of you guys are familiar on this? Buko Pandan I consider as a Filipino dessert.

Goldilocks Cake is one of the leading bake shop here in the Philippines, tried this Oreo cake and it's very refreshing for me that it's not too sweet, yet very yummy. Let's Eat, Play and be Merry!

when it comes to pizza and mouth watering sauce of pasta, hands off to SBARRO. I know you have your own favorites. Let's Eat, Play and be Merry!

what can you expect!?this is Shangrila and they will give top of the top not only in service but specially in desserts. Let's Eat, Play and be Merry!

Not only quality in service but as well as the food service, Intercon Hotel always maintain the great packages when it comes in offering the wide variety of luxurious and delicious type of foodie. Makes sure when you visit Manila, Philippines set a time to visit Intercontinental Hotel in Makati Philippines, best quality food as it's finest... Let's Eat, Play and be Merry!

Going to different places Is my favorite part of my job, well for sure some people also love to travel...Well one the thing that I really love about going to different places is knowing their cultures and most specially the food. Palawan is one of the best place here in the Philippines, seeing some of the finest places and most of all going to one of the 7 wonders of the world which is the Cave with different structures or formation...also known as the famous UNDERGROUND RIVER and not to mention beaches is also a part of their beautiful spots in Palawan, El Nido is definitely a paradise. BadJao is my favorite restaurant which is located in Puerto Princesa Palawan, here you can taste finest food,from sea food,veggies,fresh fruits etc...Bad Jao is popular in Palawan, not only because of the food but also the place with lots of man grove...i guess no further introduction on this, but see for yourself and make sure Palawan is included in your itinerary.
Let's Eat, Play and be Merry!

My all time favorite Mary grace's "ensaymada" with kesong puti on the top. I definitely love the idea of the combination of sweetness and saltiness in food, it adds thrill and great expectation eating your food in a different taste. Balance is the right term for this wonderful bread. Let's Eat, Play and be Merry!

The first time I tried Nathaniel's Buko Pandan way back when I was in high school, it's like eating an ice cream with Pandan flavor which for me the best buko Pandan ever. Nathaniel's not only popular in buko Pandan but they also have pastries, candies etc. try and see for yourself the goodness and sweetness of Nathaniels. Let's Eat, Play and be Merry!

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please do visit my website....

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