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Malaysia Boleh

Malaysia Boleh

Places I've tried in Malaysia. I personally think Malaysian food is great.
Dixon Chan
Dixon Chan
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The siew yoke is alright, they’re not really known for it.


This place is known for their char siew and chicken feet. This is something special because it’s not just wrinkly skin, but tender skin that’s layered with fat that melts in your mouth.

Seriously bouncy, fatty and intense. Amazing char siew. Please get it here when you’re in KL!


Always a good option for breakfast! Love the minced beef and uber-tenderized sliced beef. Beef balls were really good. Overall, i have to say this is not too bad for a branch and I've had better beef noodles in KL.


This amaze-pork-ball noodles is just amazing. So light yet so flavorful. Loved how the black sauce interplayed with the light vinegar, mee tai mak and minced pork. Best pork ball noodles I ever had.


When it comes to hawker fare, Alison encompasses the best of Sri Petaling. On weekends, take your family out to this forever-packed locale for a cheap and good brunch. A mother-daughter duo dishes out wok hei-laden Char Kuey Teow (from RM6), chock-full of plump prawns and cockles. If you enjoy your noodles with an edge, ask for the spicy version that packs quite a punch! Just two stalls down is the uncle who cooks up a mean Claypot Lou Shu Fun (from RM7). Jewelled with a raw egg that slowly cooks itself from the heat, this piping-hot dark sauce noodles is definitely worth ordering. Finally, there is Hakka Noodles (from RM6), springy noodles tossed in a mild housemade sauce that gets help from a bounteous share of deeply flavoured minced meat. Pro tip: Wake up early and arrive before 11am for this because seats fill up fast!
Avg price per person: RM15
Photo by Burppler Rueann Dass


Buttery and flaky pastry shell with a crème brûlée like custard filling. The caramelised top with the silky eggy creaminess tasted heavenly, leaving me craving for seconds. The pastry crackles audibly and disintegrates almost immediately as I bite into it.
RM2.30 per piece


About 10min taxi ride from Hotel Equatorial. Serves really good Peranakan food! Go for the fish, Otah and Buah Keluak. You can even make an online reservation before you head down.

Need a good bowl of beef noodles at a convenient location? Look no further. Really enjoyed the flavorful, tenderized beef steaks!

Everyone coming to KL needs to come here. Noodles were so light and defined. Amazing!

Brews coffee at Burpple. Secret ambition: to sell Burpple coffee for £1 in a neon pink paper cup.

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