Coffee & Cravings

Coffee & Cravings

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Eleanor Tay
Eleanor Tay

If you're craving for carbs and something sweet, this is the dish to have at Botanist. The first time I visited the cafe, I wasn't very impressed with their Chef Menu items we tried, but after trying this, I now think that they serve at least average cafe food. This plate is without a doubt pretty, but I guess the French Toast was a bit too dry and too much for me even with the ice cream. Guess I like my French Toast soaked and creamy on the inside or at least fluffy and less dense. The berries and sauce were ok. Nothing mind blowing, but filling. I would probably order this again if I was craving something sweet, as the berries are rather refreshing. The coffee here is good. 👍

Interestingly addictive Korean shaved ice with sweetened milk sauce. You wouldn't expect tomatoes in a bingsu, but somehow the flavour of plum powder just brings everything together. And look at all those tomatoes… it can only mean one thing… this dessert is healthy!!! So you can eat more without any guilt. Or at least just tell yourself that. ;)
This new café has wifi, power plugs, coffee and desserts—which means this is definitely not my last time to visit. 🤓
— dal.komm Coffee —
#01-01 The Centrepoint, 176 Orchard Road


Thanks @OrioleCoffee for the invite to #OrioleCreates and the flower arrangement session! Heaps of fun catching up with foodie friends whilst being creative over a good coffee.

#Coffee #OrioleCoffee


This little jar is jam packed with oatmeal and topped with your choice of fruits. The perfect breakfast or afternoon snack.


Rockmelon, Parma ham and mozzarella on a thin, crisp, airy pizza base. One of the lighter pizza options on the menu at Bottura.


Another awesome night with fab foodies during Coffee & Cravings Meetup. Love the low light ambience at East 8. Everything looks so dreamy.

$16. Toasted English muffin, ham, poached eggs with Champagne hollandaise. The eggs are cooked perfectly, with oozy egg yolk. little details like the edible flowers that contrast the colours of the hollandaise sauce, adding that little bit of magic to the presentation. If you’re not keen on ham, there’s always the Eggs Florentine with spinach instead.


The highlight of my weekend. Work hard… reward oneself with delicious food. This #eggporn shows how perfectly the poached eggs were at #BridgeSG during our #CoffeeAndCravings meetup yesterday. 😋


Back at #TheBeastSG for a little feast. Cant resist these Pulled Pork Sliders—Sweet, stringy, tender pork in cute little buns .

Slipping into a food coma as I type this after we tried 17 menu items—including 9 pies, 2 quiches & 2 cakes…

More photos soon on @coffeeandcravings Instagram


A pretty large serving of chicken with a golden crispy coating and their mushroom sauce so good!The salad at #ABCsingapore is always delicious cos of their sweet and tangy balsamic dressing. Can't wait to have another #coffeeandcravings meetup there…


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