Old School Excellent Food

Old School Excellent Food

Featuring Jalan Sultan Prawn Mee, Good Chance Popiah (Silat Avenue), CRAVE Nasi Lemak (ION Orchard), Kukoh 21 Food Centre, Xian Ji Porridge, Hock Lee Fishball Noodle (Albert Centre Market & Food Centre), Hua Ji Bao Dang (Bukit Merah View Market & Hawker Centre), Hoo Kee Bak Chang (Amoy Street Food Centre), RedRing Treasures (Toa Payoh HDB Hub), Teo's Noodles (Bedok Interchange Hawker Centre)
Ah Leong San
Ah Leong San

A very old school type of laksa that is not too lemak and full of shrimp aroma as lots of dried shrimps are used to cook the gravy. The yong tau foo are prepared by the two elderly ladies daily. Once the YTF are sold out the stall will close for the day. The stall also sells fried mee and bee hoon. My YTF laksa cost $4. So it’s both yummy plus value for money.

Definitely the best porridge around Tiong Bahru area. Uses excellent pork and fish ingredients. The meat balls are minced with dried fish for enhanced flavour and fish used is top quality ones. Porridge is very tasty and smooth and lasted till the end not turning watery.

Definitely one of the best chendol in town. Gula Melaka syrup is just right in fragrance and taste. The chendol (green worm like ingredient) is not too soft nor hard. Just right. Overall the taste is yummy for $2.


Blk 79 Telok Blangah Drive Food Centre has few good gems and this stall (01-38) selling prawn and fishball noodles is one of them. This is the old school prawn noodle which is more popular than the fishball noodle sold by the same stall. Noodle is cooked just right to the bite not soggy. Ingredients are fresh and soup is intense in prawn flavour yet not overly salty. The sambal chilli sauce that mixed with the noodle is really good. Overall for a breakfast of $3 to $4 it’s really value for yummy food.

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This version of mee goreng is definitely different from others. The whole dish is covered with egg and chilli sauce. Just like its nasi goreng there’s wok hei which makes it way into your nostrils as you eat. Taste is excellent too.


Tucked in a coffee shop in Blk 17 Beach Road an unnamed stall sells very yummy nasi briyani. You can either have chicken or mutton nasi briyani. Both are equally fragrant and tasty. Stall opens at about 11 am and sold out usually by 2 pm.

Believe it or not, these are noodles made from fish paste. Looks like mee pok, just as crunchy and yet it’s fish paste. This is the authentic Teochew fish paste noodles. Not many Teochew restaurants serve it. Really yummy.

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The fishballs, fish dumplings and fish cakes here are all handmade by the owner of the stall which is rare as most of these stalls buy factory made ones. The mixture of the lard oil, lard bits and sauces just hit your nostrils as the bowl is placed near you. The noodles are well mixed, crunchy to bite and tasty. The fishballs are very well made and also crunchy to bite. The same goes to the fish dumplings and cakes. Prices range from $3-5 per bowl. Fish cakes are sold separately at $1.50 per piece. Try this stall if you near Havelock Road area. Really yummidelicious.


Chinatown Complex Market & Food Centre has reopened! And I’m glad this stall has reopened too as it’s run by two elderly ladies. I was afraid they would retire but am truly glad they didn’t. They have an assortment of fried yong tau foo to complement their well fried mee/kueh teow/bee hoon and this very tasty old school laksa. Each yong tau foo is freshly made and fried to perfection. The laksa curry is just spicy enough enough for those who prefer it less spicy and to those who love it more spicy just add their chilli sauce. Others who prefer the fried mee etc order it with addition of the yong tau foo or just plain which is good too. Warning - food may be sold out by late morning. Am certain when they close for the week. Likely Mondays.


Long before kaya toast bread is this steamed bread. Now that’s the kaya butter or kaya peanut steamed bread. The sweet smell of steaming bread will hit your nostrils the moment the steamer is brought in front of you. The steaming hot bread is fluffy and tasty. Try it if you haven’t. It’s different from the toast bread.

Reviewed this stall’s bak chor mee here and it was yummy. So try the laksa and am impressed. Really old school style of laksa with very lemak laksa gravy which has dried shrimps as base. Cockles are fresh and I love the medium size tau pok too. At $3.50 it’s worth every cent.


First of all a square roti prata is rare. On top of that it’s super crispy even after I’d added the curry. The drumstick is definitely local as it’s small and it’s tender. Hence to me it’s a very good prata meal. Much better than the one in Jalan Kayu in my opinion. Worth the drive here. Heard it’s crowded during breakfast and lunch. Fortunately I was here after lunch. Hence no crowd. Even tried the fish curry and it’s great too.


Live to eat and eat to share.

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