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Featuring 136 Hong Kong Street Fish Head Steamboat (Clementi), Concetto by Saveur, NOM - Bistro & Bakery, Fynn's, Chabuton ([email protected]), burger joint, Ho-Jiak, Momolato, A.S. Seafood Soup 安盛海鲜汤 (Bedok), Ci Yuan Hawker Centre
Raine Liu
Raine Liu
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Your usual poke bowls with a spin as you can choose to aburi your choice of fish ($8.50/$13.50/$17.50, add on extra $1 for them to be torched).

Pictured is the Tamago Mentaiyaki ($8.50). Taste wise - everything was on the lighter side, could seriously do with more marinating though. My pick would be the spicy salmon or the kimchi salmon.

Have your lunch sorted @alteregosg's newly launched their lunch sets which I personally feel are really value for money!

For just $15.90, you will get 1 main and 1 drink (choose either coffee or tea)! Choose from their "Eat Clean" Pokebowls or "Indulge Dirty" choice. My pick would definitely their hearty Seafood Gumbo that is really comforting, paired with their yummy bread.

This is a hosted tasting by @alteregosg, thank you @ksherena for the invite ❤️

Sunday morning made better with @tiongbahrubakery's Pancake Burgers.

Sandwiched between layers of their fluffy pancakes in this PB&B Pancake Burgers ($23) are spiced pork belly, bacon and brûlée banana. An interesting twist of sweet and savoury that I may just end up eating layer by layer. With the top last as a dessert 🤣

Another Tendon place spotted!

What makes @koganeyamasg stand out out will be their Tendon are fully customisable! You can choose from 4 type (Mixed, Prawn, Chicken or Vegetable bowl), the base (rice, udon or soba) and the level of spiciness (non spicy to level 3 spiciness). My choice of Udon with Prawn bowl ($13.80 + $1 udon) was really Super generous - I mean just look at that mountain of tempura! The udon they use are also of the thinner kind, which is a good choice as you will fill less stuffed at the end of the meal.

The weekends are finally here!

Really loved the Ispahan ($6.90), Subtle rose and lychee Flavours with an interesting lychee jelly middle.

Still my favourite "boru" from @boruborusg - their seasonal Shiro Maguro with Onsen Egg ($14.90).

Slices of aburi-ed white maguro with perfect onsen egg. White Maguro are known for their buttery and melt in mouth texture.
This was a hosted tasting courtesy of @boruborusg, thank you @cassakating for extending the invite!

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