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Raine Liu
Raine Liu
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Only 90 sets of their Premium Pancakes are available daily at 11am, 3pm & 6pm (30 each). Please take note, one person is only entitled to one set of pancakes.
The pancakes were so so fluffy, and I absolutely loved the butter and whipped cream.


Swing by their opening and stand to get their cute deer plushie keychain (first 50 only!!). I really like their Matcha Brown Sugar Deerioca Fresh Milk ($6.30), it has hints of matcha bitterness along with just a slight sweetness from the brown sugar. Pretty balanced and not as sweet as I have expected!
Don’t take to long for photos, you are advised to drink it almost immediately to enjoy the right texture of their warm brown sugar pearls!
Congratulations on the opening of their second outlet (first in Jewel) 🎉


What I meant is Obsessive Chocolat Desire! 🙋🏻‍♀️ Even though I enjoyed the ice cream very much, but it’s was very very rich in flavours.
@ocd_cafe taking over the now defunct Twenty Grammes in AMK. The space was pretty packed on a Sunday evening. Price point was reasonable-$7 for a double scoop and $4 was waffles. They have both original and sesame but the latter was sold out when we were there.
Love the chocolate flavour available in different percentage from 33% Signature Madagascar Milk to 85% Signature African Dark. Everything to satisfied your chocolate desire. The green ice cream pictured will be their avocado with gula melaka (options for even non-chocolate lovers).


Though it was awhile back, I remembered having a good experience at Rice&Fries as they did a pretty good risotto!
The best dish here was probably the 72-hour slow cooked beef which was priced reasonably (for the amount of beef given) at $14, paired perfectly with a 63° egg. The pork dishes was abit dry and tough for Ah Ma Liu but I like the noodles that was paired with the Lor Bak.


Everything was so cute there, even coffee art with my own face 🙊 (see last photo). Love the milk fragrance from all the items made from their special Biei Jersey Milk!
Stay cool 😎 today guys and well hydrated!

This was a strong dose of caffeine, with ice cubes espresso that only made the coffee stronger and stronger. Definitely one for the sleepiest days.

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The plum jam was tart but interesting.
Take note these babies are only available @meatsmith_sg as a pop up on Thursdays!


Nice caffeine kick while not being overly sweet, creamy and yummy!
2nd picture: their special Bidi Bado ($7) - not your usual Mocha as it is topped with pink peppercorn and mixed with peanut butter!
The second cup is Ibada “ritual” which is Hokkaido with FOUR shots of ristretto. This was my favourite cup actually. Not overly milky yet the coffee wasn’t overpowering.


Sad that I haven’t tried that soufflé pancake before it was gone!
In their place, Artea come out with 8 flavours of Tiramisu!
Most interesting and my favourite would definitely be the Brown Sugar ($8.80) one! Thick and dense, topped with chewy brown sugar pearl. Matcha lovers should go for their Matcha ($11.80), not too sweet with a slight bitterness.


They closed their doors this Sunday at 24 Mar.
Really light and yummy Apple and Aloe Vera cake and wobbly bread pudding - omg I’m sad now that this would be the first and last time I would be having this. But oh well, but late then never.

Raine Liu

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