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Featuring Concetto by Saveur, Fynn's, NOM - Bistro & Bakery, burger joint, Chabuton ([email protected]), Ho-Jiak, Momolato, A.S. Seafood Soup 安盛海鲜汤 (Bedok), Ci Yuan Hawker Centre, Fried Chicken Master
Raine Liu
Raine Liu
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Daessiksin is now open at Clementi Mall to offer a great place to indulge and gathers other your classmates after lectures and tutorials at school.

Reasonably priced - prices starts from as low as $14.90++ and that's for buffet! Just imagine free flow meat, drinks and ice cream 😋 Add on an additional cheese sauce dip for pure indulgence!
This was a hosted tasting courtesy of @mofgroup, thank you @alhsx for extending the invitation 🙌🏻

Find comfort this cold #MeatlessMondays with Steamboat from @greendotsg - comes with soup base of either Laksa, herbal or tom yum!

The $35.90 portion feed comfortably for 2 or even 3 ladies with smaller appetites. For the rice, choose the sesame flavoured rice as it really tasted like chicken rice - rice!

With the new opening of their 4th outlet in Singapore - @ladymsg released a new flavour that is exclusive to this newest outlet at Scotts Square, the Rose Mille Crepe ($9.50 a slice, $108 for whole).

A light touch of rose for a flowery twist to their usual Signature Mille Crepe and an interesting layer of rose jelly and edible rose petals to top it off.
This was a hosted tasting courtesy of @ladymsg and @theprpeople for the lovely invite.

French Toast ($17.50) from the newly opened @hustlecosg.

2 pieces of brioche french toast paired with interesting sweet glazed pear and the mixed nuts added was definitely a good call. Nothing could go wrong by serving it with good old fashioned vanilla bean ice cream - sweet way to end the meal here.

Pim Pam Crab "Croquetas" ($2.50 a piece, min 2 per order) - defo a must order here @pimpambyfoc, these little devils should come with a warning as they are highly addictive.

Encased within those light crisp shells fully filled with velvety smooth cream crab fillings. These were so so good, i savoured it with small bites and allowed the flavours to linger as long as they could.

Probably the best Fish Head Steamboat I had in SG and really affordable at $18.

Didn't know why we stupidly only came to 136 always for their Claypot Mee Tai Mak (I mean that is awesome of course) but you can know it's a good fish head Steamboat broth from the colour of the soup!! Look at how milky white it is, just one look you will know you are in for a good slurpilicious time! Need to be back for this, plus one pot of Claypot Mee Tai Mak!

Definitely one of my favourite dish @museamusesg - the 6-day Baby Back Pork Ribs ($16).

THE softest pork meat I've ever had, I'm serious!! Ah Ma Liu 👵🏼 had zero trouble with this! Apart from the stella texture - the ribs are also twice marinated, guaranteed that it would be a tasty treat to your taste buds! #ahmaliuapproved👵🏼

The most intriguing cocktail I have ever had - Tom Yun Bloody Mary ($25).

Coming from the stands of a cocktail amateur, it tasted like a cold version of your usual tom yum soup! Slight heat and spice while covering up nicely all the strong alcoholic taste.
The drinks here were all pretty interesting - another drink I really liked would be the easy to drink Bandung inspired Babung Blush ($25). This was a hosted tasting courtesy of @museamusesg and thank you @sixthsensepr for the lovely invitation.

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