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Drinks And Beverages

Drinks And Beverages

Featuring One Man Coffee (Upper Thomson), The Beast, Butter Studio (Jalan Besar), SYNC Korean Fusion Bistro (Westgate), The Tastemaker Store, Twoface Pizza & Taproom, High Society, PoTeaTo, 6oz Espresso Bar (Tokio Marine Centre), Cocoa Colony (Shaw Centre)
Alainlicious Eats
Alainlicious Eats

Old Hen Coffee was running full house. So I grabbed a bottle of the much-loved Dark Cocoa to go.

A dedicated cocoa colony cafe serving premium quality cocoa related beverages that's made truly for the chocoholics. It's no surprise that dark chocolate and bananas are the best of friends.


Cracking on the nut where recent hypes suggests, to see whether these "Natural elixirs" from different brands really work. It probably won't compensate for an otherwise unhealthy diet of mine, but I do enjoyed it as a refreshing drink to combat the heat, and it's half the price of a cup of coffee.


The Special promotion includes 6 Strongbow Apple Ciders, 6 Strongbow Gold and Berries jelly shots and KPO’s selection of homemade savoury and sweet items such as Nassim Hill’s signature breads for just $88 nett.

KPO is launching its first Ladies’s Night Special every Wednesday night starting tomorrow 1st April from 5pm till late. A 1-for-1 on any choice of Strongbow Apple Ciders will be on offer for the ladies at $14 only. Trust me as this is definitely not a April’s fool joke!


Matcha Yogurt Azuki, one of the batter dessert drinks freshly crafted with unique blend of natural fruits and goodness. The refreshing matcha drink is made from grounded matcha, fresh yogurt, azuki beans, pure honey and topped with homemade yogurt cream. You can find All The Batter Dessert Hut at the basement of Anchorpoint Shopping Centre (opposite IKEA Alexandra).


If there is an award for most Instagram worthy restaurant, Joo Bar would probably bag it away. Good mod food coupled with awesome drinks and good setting ambience, what else can go wrong? Service...superbly friendly...try it to believe it and I'm not kidding. This is Lime Soju Mojito, one of the cocktails at Joo, it comes in a glass, small and large size.


We loved the mango HPL with strawberry the most, second is the Lychee HPL with raspberry and lastly the Pure HPL. Who says beer was just for drinking?


Fizzy lemonade, southern sweet tea and lavender lemonade.


Instagram: @alainlicious Email: [email protected]

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