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Featuring Park Bench Deli, Kogane Yama (Bugis Junction), Hvala (CHIJMES), An Acai Affair (Katong), Superfudo (Holland Village), Mariner's Corner Restaurant, Ann Chin Popiah (Chinatown Complex Market & Food Centre), Fatty Aunt Yong Tau Foo, MIZ Japanese Restaurant, Ah Liang Ipoh Hor Fun (Amoy Street Food Centre)
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have been wanting to check out this place for the longest time ever and i finally did it!!! m a fan of both matcha and hojicha, so this drink is perfect bc i don't have to choose!!! love how rich the drink tasted, unlike at other places whr it tends to be more milky.

the last time i ate this was more than a year ago and i remembered it tasted better... but still p tasty!! love how generous they are w the cheese and meat!!! got this w burpple beyond but i think even without the deal, it's still p worth it bc it's v filling! the other sandwich we got was the turkey classic which tasted v fresh and healthy.

my friend warned me that it would b v jelak bc the last time she ate this, thr was too much mentaiko, covering all the rice. guess they reduced it bc u can see the rice now and it's just nice! loved the crunchy tempura and cucumber bits! a good mix of sweetness from the tamago and savoury from the lightly torched salmon, mentaiko and tobiko, balanced by the rice and cucumber!

the set lunch comes with a bowl of salad and miso soup. i like my rice moist so this was perfect with the egg. the chicken is so tender and i have no idea what those yellow strands are but they went so well with the rice!!!!

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i thought the gravy tasted different and didn't know it was herbal broth until i read the reviews. rly makes the dish less jelat! i loved the noodles but the chicken didn't rly add much oomph to the dish. will be back to try their more popular fried fish dumplings hor fun!

soOooOoo worth it omg all these goodness for $32?!??!?! everything was cooked so well, decently soft and chewy and went so well w the sauce. best part was the service!!! this guy was so friendly!! he offered us more cakes when he heard that i was still hungry haha and he shared w us his army story. and he's rly attentive to all the customers!! he heard this other customer coughing and asked if she was okay. such homely feels :')

said i would be back to try their other noodles but oops got their chee cheong fun again. brought my family along to try this time and four bowls amounted to less than $15?!?!?! super worth!! and all of us were v pleased w our food :') majorly in love w the fried pumpkin and fried brinjal!!!! the chee cheong fun w sweet sauce and chilli is shiok and be sure to get the fish paste items bc they sure balance out the heatiness from the chilli and fried items!

$1.60 for each roll! looks kind of empty in this picture but it tasted great! the lack of turnip was compensated by the crunchy bits. i forgot that i added chilli and i only tasted it when it went down my throat and wow it rly woke me up. only gripe i have w this stall is that they didn't cut my popiah properly so when i was trying to eat it, some of the fillings spilled out zzz. but other than that, i rly liked it!!

for $15, the super balanced meal is rly worth it!!! got soba noodles + salmon (additional $2) + rocket + furikake + onsen egg + mushrooms and my friend ordered multigrain rice + chicken + mushrooms + cucumber + chicken floss and im not sure what the last item was oops. was super pleased w mine!! i think everything when well together except for the rocket leaves which taste was slightly out of place tho still good. suggestion: the egg would have been better if it was sous vide bc the yolk didn't rly flow for mine so it was a bit lacking in taste. rly loved the mushrooms they were so well marinated!! tried my friend's chicken and they were soft and tasted like your steamed chicken from your chicken rice. they were pretty generous with their portions and i would definitely go back often if the price stays at $15 (bc apparently it used to be $21)!

came w two free toppings (banana cacao and passionfruit mango spirulina) bc we used some app to order. overall taste was v gr8 and worth the price tho i feel like the acai taste got overshadowed by the cookie butter but im not complaining bc they gave a lot of cookie butter and i love cookie butter hehe. one of my top choices for acai bowls!!

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don't waste ur limited calories on lousy food!!!

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