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Meals to wake up to

Meals to wake up to

What could make your day better than a hearty brunch on a lazy weekend morning? Here are some of those breakfasts that you might want to wake up to!
Xing Wei Chua
Xing Wei Chua
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Opened for a couple of months at UE Square where EN Bar was located, Fine Dining Bakery by Akira M. is a Japanese-style bakery that is run by Chef Akira who have had his background at Restaurant Joel Robouchon before setting up his very own bakery.

Coming in a set, the Sour Dough Sandwiches also comes with a mini soup on the side as well (not pictured). Served in the form of three open-faced sandwiches, the Sour Dough Sandwiches features toppings such as Onion, Hokkaido Mini Scallops and Smoked Salmon. Amongst the three, only the Onion is served toasted; the cheese being all melted and stretchy whilst going together well with the sweetness of the caramelised onions, while the toast gave a firm bite being dense whilst crusty on the outside. For the Hokkaido Mini Scallops and Smoked Salmon variants, the sourdough is served as-is; the bread being dense, yet fluffy without being particularly heavy, carrying a firm bite that held the bread well from crumbling while carrying a light tang from the fermentation process — pretty well-balanced especially for those who think that the sourish notes of the bread from now-defunct The Bakery by Woodlands Sourdough is a little heavy-handed. The toppings are equally wonderful; the Hokkaido Mini Scallops came fried till golden brown with panko crumbs — light and crisp on the exterior while the scallops are fresh with a bite within, also coming with guacamole that was smooth, buttery and creamy. Smoked salmon was also fresh and briny; pretty generous in portion size, and topped off with onions for a slight zing that refreshes the taste buds.

A hidden gem in the heart of town which seems to be well visited by the Japanese community residing in the River Valley/Robertson Quay neighbourhood.


Had really been wanting to try this ever since spotting it on the brunch menu at Brawn & Brains' newest branch at Katong.

No doubt something simple, but comforting at best — nothing pretentious about the pancakes here. Portion size is pretty generous, considering how the pancakes come in a stack of four; digging into the pancakes, one would find the pancakes pretty soft and fluffy, while a knob of butter tops them all. Like how they had provided patrons with a choice by offering berry compote and maple syrup on the side by default, allowing one to have the best of both worlds. If you are one who cannot do without some meat, go on to add Grilled Bacon on the side; crispy, savoury strips that is well-executed, it works as a great accompaniment for the complete brunch deal.

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Having been through a menu revamp recently, Prodigal Cafe's menu now focuses more on sandwiches and open face toasts.

Consisting of elements such as Double Cheese, Rocket, Smoked Paprika with Store Manager's Specialty Egg Mayo, the dish was no doubt comforting yet flavourful. The egg mayo is rich, with pretty big chunks of chopped up egg for texture; creamy, yet slightly sweet — matches well with the oozy, melted double cheese that provides a stringy texture and a savoury note which helps make the dish a little more filling, considering how it's spread evenly on the bread beneath the egg mayo. The inclusion of rocket, tomatoes and capsicum helps to cleanse off the richness by providing a bit of bitterness and a refreshing burst of zinginess, whilst also adding more texture. Comfort food at its best; something that touches the soul.


Finally got to try the Sloppy Waffle at Prodigal Cafe over the weekend; something I had been eagerly waiting to try since a while ago. A perfect item for brunch, the Sloppy Waffle comes with all the right elements; scrambled egg, grilled boneless chicken thigh, cheese sauce, candied bacon and Sriracha (opted out of the Peanut Butter since I can't have that), all atop a plush, fluffy and crisp waffle. No doubt the waffle gets soggy from the various components after a while, but this is certainly substantial in portion size; fluffy, creamy scrambled eggs, juicy and tender chicken with crisp and sweet bacon all laced with a gooey, yet lightly savoury cheese sauce and Sriracha which provides a slight umami factor, it checks off all the boxes for a comforting brunch item for the weekend — just make sure you are hungry enough though!

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Checked out Carrotsticks & Cravings’ latest outpost at Rodyk Street; a more accessible location compared to their Loewen store.

Opted for the Manwich, which came with elements such as large herb sourdough, house roasted leg ham, cheddar, truss tomato seeded mustard, and a choice of side salad or avocado (we opted for the latter). The bread was crisp and provided a good chew, carrying tension with every bite, while the cheddar was all melted, gooey and stretchy, binding all the elements such as the thick cuts of ham altogether. The avocado helped to add a smooth, buttery texture that helps to neutralize all of what that is gong on in the sandwich. A pretty substantial portion, as compared to the other brunch plates available here — that being said, still pretty satisfying.


The weekend special at Brawn & Brains’ outpost at East Coast Road — the brunch menu here is entirely different from their Guillemard Road branch; the latter serving up more wraps and sandwiches while the former serves up comfort fare. The waffle hash is essentially a crisp potato cake; somewhat similar to a Rosti but thicker, while the poached eggs were well-executed with runny yolk. Chorizo sausage was decent; snappy and moist without being overly salty, while the salad mix features strips of apples for a slight tinge of sweetness. Whilst simple, it is certainly a comforting brunch item to have.


Roast Beef, Pickles, Tomatoes. From this new bagel specialty cafe located at NeWest, situated beside now-defunct Nasi Coco/Thrive Kitchen. Opted for the Sesame Bagel for this order; the bagel carrying a firm and chewy bite while it comes with a sprinkle of sesame and salt for flavour and some texture. Roast beef was decent; tender whilst not being too gamey, while the pickles cut through the meatiness with its zingy note. Slices of tomatoes help to provide a refreshing, juicy bite.


From the new JAB Coffee Co. at Raffles City B2 that took over the former premises of Tuk Tuk Cha — for $6.50, the soufflé Pancakes here are decent for its price tag. Crusty on the exterior and reasonably fluffy within, the soufflé Pancakes were thankfully free from eggy flavours or any bitterness from excessive baking soda . The berries compote was a good balance of tartness and sweetness, providing the pancakes with flavour.


Homemade Brioche, Parma Ham, Cheddar Cheese, Fried Egg, Tomato Hollandaise. Knew I had to get down to South Union Park when they had announced the launch of their new brunch menu — perhaps my favourite item off the menu, this is one meant for those who prefers something heavier in flavour and portion for breakfast. Housemade Brioche is crusty and carried it’s distinct sweetness; provides a substantial bite while the bacon and cheddar cheese gives it a saltishness without being overly salty. The star for this dish for me is undoubtedly the Tomato Hollandaise; buttery yet with a tangy note, it’s incredibly umami without being jelak. Pretty impressed with how the elements are surprisingly heavy tasting, yet everything plays out well with one another at the same level — a flavour bomb on its own without being excessive.


Homemade Chorizo, Eggs, Tomato Passata, In-House Country Bread, Mozzarella, Parmesan. A comforting breakfast item, the baked eggs was something we found to be all safe and comforting; tangy and flavourful Tomato Passata that is hidden within that layer of stretchy cheese, all with chunky bits of savoury Homemade Chorizo — the perfect combination with the light and fluffy country bread that is baked fresh on-site. No doubt a simple, but comforting dish that’s great for a wholesome breakfast/brunch.


From this new all-day dining spot at Upper Thomson Road, opposite Colombus Coffee Co., serving up Day and Evening menus. Available for both menus, the Mac & Cheese features Chicken, Emmental, Parmigiano-Reggiano Cheese and Macaroni. Whilst being immensely gooey and stretchy, the Mac & Cheese is also possibly the lightest we have had; none of that jelak, cheesy flavour that overwhelms the taste buds — whilst still being cheesy, it was easy to finish. Coming with large strips of tender chicken for a meatier feel, the chicken, though plain, goes together well with the entire dish that wasn’t too heavy despite its generous portion; pretty delicious in its own right. Birdy’s also serve Sourdough from Burnt Ends; crusty and chewy with an evident sourness from the fermentation process — also very well done!


English Muffin, Gong Bao Chicken, 64°C Eggs, Cheddar Cheese, Fried Potato and Baked Tomato.

From a new all-day dining concept at Paragon, by the same folks behind Bird of a Feather. Felt that this item worked well individually, but lacked cohesiveness as an entire dish for a stronger impression. Liked how they are always known to throw in Chinese influences into their dishes; the Gong Bao Chicken is undeniably tasty with the sauce being rich and thick, savoury yet with a hint of spiciness and even with some numbness from the Sichuan peppers included. That being said, the small chunks of chicken felt as though the flavours were not being absorbed into the meat, though it does come with cashew nuts for some bite. 64°C eggs were runny, though the yolk seemingly lacked the “eggporn” flowiness one would have expected from a classic rendition of the Eggs Benefict. English muffins were soft and pillowy, though the cheddar cheese seemingly felt as if it had a lack of purpose here — most of its flavours being overwhelmed by the Gong Bao Chicken. Liked how there was a play of textures with the addition of the crispy onion bits, while the fried potatoes (also available as a side order) is absolutely delicious; a mix of garlic, shallot and Sichuan BBQ spice that is all fragrant, lunch and savoury — very addictive. Was expecting a little more finesse considering the steep price tag, but perhaps they might be better with their noodle and rice dishes overall.


Up, down and everywhere around for food.

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