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Michelle Kayla Tey
Michelle Kayla Tey

I like that Stateland tries to do something different apart from the usual cafe (read: boring) stuff. Here, a generous slab of salmon is cooked to pink succulence, paired with bouncy Korean glass noodles in a yuzu-inflected broth. What surprised me was the use of fresh dill, which immediately took the flavours off the charts. Great for a light, yet immensely flavourful option.


The moist, sponged layers were highly aromatic, as though they were soaked in Thai tea itself. Definitely recommend this. The White Cold Brew was smooth and creamy, but too milky for my liking. You'll probably like this if you prefer a milder brew.


A pretty dish destined for Instagram, but sadly fell short of expectations. Instead of a comforting eggy French toast, this tasted more like normal toast sandwiched with jam and a couple of bananas, and it was on the drier side. The saving grace was the mascarpone and freeze-dried raspberries; we ended up eating only the top layer with the accompanying coffee custard. This dish definitely has potential for improvement.


A highly popular dish here—the chilli crab flavours were spot on, enlivened with aromatic lemongrass notes and tempered with gouda and mozzarella cheese. The omelette itself could be moister though.


My kind of comfort food—a flavourful tomato-based broth teeming with squid and prawns, thickened with a wobbly egg, with crunchy, buttery croutons thrown in for textural contrast. Available till 4pm.


A generous slab of fresh, succulent sea bass with crispy skin, served on pumpkin purée and charred corn. At just $17? What a steal, methinks.


This caught my eye a few months back when I passed by this bright, cosy cafe in CT Hub 2, but somehow, I always ended up trying the other sandwiches—both the Roast Beef and Chicken in a very delicious sun-dried tomato ciabatta (so soft & fragrant!).

I was surprised by how well this fusion combination worked. The beef was well-marinated with spices, and packed just enough heat for that kick, without being overwhelming. The spiciness was nicely tempered with a tangy coleslaw that tasted similar to achar. The set comes with a choice of drink—Italian roast coffee (smooth, but I personally prefer something more robust), Gryphon Tea, or other non-caffeinated ones. So thankful that I can get my sarnie fix anytime, since this is so near the office. 😌


I may be late to the Muji party, but better late than never. Such a peaceful space to dine-in and enjoy me-time. And work-friendly too (plenty of plugs).

My set comes with 2 hot & 2 cold deli selections + choice of white rice/bread; the rest of the items were not included. My favourites in this order: Omelette with Japanese-style mushrooms (flavourful and thick with ingredients), Tofu patty with shiitake mushroom sauce (super umami!), Marinated veggies in dashi-flavoured broth (tart & appetising, and Baked salmon with miso sauce. You can also order these ala carte, at $4.90 each.

Pay just $1 more to upgrade it to 10 grain rice (recommended), and add-on items such as onsen egg and too-watery carrot & pumpkin soup at just $1 as well. They were having a promo where each set meal comes with free dessert; choice of Caramel egg pudding/Soft serve, and you get $1 off any drink. The Iced Matcha Latte ($4.90 before discount) was fragrant and not too milky/sweet. The bill came up to $23-ish, but it was well worth the money. I'll be back for more.

Yes, they may be labelled as atas 'cai png', but the appetite for these colourful bowls shows no sign of abating. Ninja Bowl's contenders feature Japanese-inspired ingredients such as unagi (Genki, $16), tuna tataki (Tsukiji, $16), and Japanese aburi char siew (Buta, $14). The latter, although hardly a healthful option, was my favourite. One bite into the smoky and meltingly tender pork belly and I was sold. Heart, soul, and tummy.



Pictured: Soft & fluffy cornflake-crusted Buckwheat Pancake ($20), berry compote, passionfruit curd, drizzled with thyme-infused pure maple syrup. All mornings should begin this way. #burpple #foodspotting #populuscoffee

Can't you see that it's just raining?
There ain't no need to go outside
Ain't no need, ain't no need
Rain all day, and I really, really, really don't mind~ 🎶 #earworm


The first main featured on the menu and a preamble of the good things to come. Creamy scrambled eggs studded with marinated feta for a deliciously sharp contrast, paired with fresh herbs, streaky bacon, and a buttery toasted croissant to seal the deal.


Much hype has surrounded this new cafe player and it sure has lived up to mounting expectations. For those who've had enough of pricey, run-of-the-mill brunch fare, Populus might just be the solution to your weary palate.

The menu here is peppered with familiar brunch favourites given an interesting spin; take this French toast-inspired dish for example. Served in the form of a brioche bread pudding, the cloud-like milky pillows cranked it up a notch on the comfort food quotient. Thoroughly enjoyed this dish; each bite introduced a new dimension from its complex flavour profile -- a delightful zing (lemon curd and yuzu mascarpone), textural contrast (cornflakes crust and pistachio crumbs), and lingering headiness (red wine poached pears, and thyme-infused pure maple syrup).


He satisfies my mouth with good things ❤️

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