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Featuring ANTE (1 Utama), Makhan by Kitchen Mafia, Coco Steamboat (Old Klang Road), Restaurant Meng Kee 明记家乡小食店, Loong Foong Seafood Restaurant, L.table (1 Utama), Tut's Egyptian Eatery, The Magnificent Fish & Chips Bar, Restoran Nyonya Suan, Watami Japanese Casual Restaurant (1 Utama)
Eryn Ng YW
Eryn Ng YW

The only place I seen making standing Wat Tan Hor. The master did everything on the spot including frying the bihun, thus you are assured of the freshness. No overnight oily taste. It all ends well in my tummy. Good place to go. Price: About RM7 per pax, Food: 8/10

Another good pick of our meal. Thai style sour and spicy squid totally matching the salted egg bihun. Perfect! Food: 8/10

Famous shop after HK actor Chapman To broadcasted in his programme. We were long to try this dish and has waited patiently until now to try. It deserve the wait. Bihun is soft yet dry enough to brings out the fragrant of salted egg paste. I was like non stop, taking bite after bite. Like it. Food: 9/10

Nailed it, I am not a beef person but I do love these tacos. In its unique mexican spices marinate sauce, it am enjoying it so much. Meat were break into small pieces, soft and easy to chew. Some slight onion refresh the tastebud. Everything was done nicely. Call it a call to have your mexican feast on. Price: RM15+, Food: 8/10

Mexican food store recommended by colleague. This is the best item on our table. Soft pumpkin with soft cheese is just superb when eating together with the grilled quesadillas. A must have in the shop. Price: RM15+, Food: 9/10

With the friendly price tag, Nak Won did not disappoint. This is not a thick soup, it is light bean soup comes with little spicy and a lot of shallot. Easy to go but may not be everyone's dish like kimchi soup. Price: RM18, Food: 7/10

A place to hang out with beer and really good porky dish. Now I can relate to the almost full house crowd at just 8pm for a bar. Food served was really up to the mark. My thin crust pizza was well as a snack or dinner, lightly seasoned but fast to become everyone's favourite. Price:

Ended our Ipoh day trip with seafood in Tualang. Unfortunately the signature Tualang Udang Galah is sold out. As there is a lot of pond nearby, there are a number of seafood restaurant around. This was recommended by my friend. Taste of the dishes are good, but seafood wasn't tip top fresh. Nevertheless, we still enjoy our dinner. Price: RM44 per pax, Food: 7/10

Famous affordable western food in PJ. The sauce and the food was good, salty and tender, just the chef need to improve on the grilling skill, other than that, this is a really good place for western craving fix. Price: RM13, Food: 6/10

The first time I saw a pepper flavor soup pot from a korean restaurant. I must say it it was 99% similar to pork stomach soup, and it was really spicy, pepper kind of spiciness. Immediately warm you up in a rainy night, and wanted more of it. We finished all the soup, the vege, and various type of pork meat. Feeling good. Price: Full meal with beer cost RM40 per pax, Food: 8/10

What is it korean style chillax night without fried chicken and beer? Sincere food, crispy skin, sweet korean sauce and soft meat, I am feeling easy with it. Price: Full meal cost RM40 per pax, Food: 7/10

Chinese sandwich is always cute, this bucket served 4 different types of sandwich with vege fillings, luncheon meat, char siew, and bacon. Not a surprise maker, but comfort food as you having good time. Price: A full meal with beer cost about RM40 per pax, Food: 7/10

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