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Zhihui Lim
Zhihui Lim

Toasted sourdough milk bun served with a slab of smooth butter, charcoal-grilled so you get that nice golden brown.

Pity we were here past their breakfast hours or we could’ve gotten the set that comes with kopi/teh and egg (+$1 for Kaya) like a true blue Singaporean breakfast. I thoroughly enjoyed the smooth nitro coffee cold brew too!


I liked how there was so much going on in this plate with all that textures, balance of sweetness and differing temperatures.

Generous amount of berries with berries compote, crunch, warm moist (mini) hotcakes. The muffin-like hotcakes wasn’t exactly what I had expected, but decent enough for a nice weekend brunch. Portion is probably good for 1 so you don’t have to share. What I thought could be better, is the ice cream which tasted a little generic. Service wasn’t the best either 🤷🏻‍♀️ Might be the timing when we were there and I haven’t been back for a long, long time so I wouldn’t write it off completely.

Don’t say bojio cos there’s a 20% going on now for their weekend gin & brunch in April, if you make a reservation with promo code “MASSESG&B”.


Not the most flattering photo but this “wazza” was pretty interesting - basically a Waffle-pizza so you’ve got buttermilk waffle with mozzarella, topped very generously with ingredients. Waffles were pretty soft and fluffy. We got the Okonomiyaki which came with tuna flakes, fried egg, tonkatsu sauce, Japanese mayo and bonito flakes, similar to the Japanese pancake! Surprisingly addictive though a little too one-dimensional texture-wise. Probably would be even better with more crisp waffle, crunchy bits or even ingredients like octopus in takoyaki?. Pretty filling at only $11 nett!


Big breakfast in a burger form, the Rich Man ($16, Available only on weekends) is how weekends brunches should be - hearty and maybe a tad sinful.

Chorizo patty that is a little on the salty side but I loved how the caramelised onions, scrambled eggs and sautéed mushrooms helps to cut through it. There’s already truffle mayo in it, but drizzle the nacho cheese sauce served on the side for more indulgence! Usually not a fan of nacho cheese sauce but the ones here were great - not too heavy and an absolutely delight with the crisp tater tots (swopped to truffle ones - so good!!!!!!!)

Thank you @commonchefscafe for having us and @cweizhi for the kind invite!🤗


With 3 types of cheese gyurere, parmesan and cheddar, bacon and egg yolk. The flavor of yuzu from the yuzu kosho was so subtle - almost non-existent - but Mac & cheese itself was pretty decent, light and not too gelak.


Kranji mushrooms, egg, chili and very generous with grated Parmesan. Creamy and very filling, with a tinge of spiciness. Love the idea of a farm-to-table concept!


Good for sharing. Comfortingly fluffy and thick, topped with crunchy walnuts, bananas and a side of delightful maple butter syrup that wasn't cloying. Pancakes cravings satisfied!


This has got to be the silkiest scrambled eggs I've ever had! Buttery, silky, add on those juicy mushrooms and here's a breakfast that will never let you down.


Finally made plans here thanks to all the good folks constantly raving on Burpple! Sage Cream Cheese with Berry Compote ($4) was every bit a savoury toast with lovely flavour from the sage cream cheese and that tinge of tangyness with minimal sweetness. Also really enjoyed the mountain of egg salad with aromatic dukkah, topped with pickled onions!


Breakfast Platter ($23) was overwhelmingly huge and the works were pretty worth its price considering how everything was quite well-executed. Crisp hash, buttery juicy sautéed mushrooms, scrambled eggs and we loved the sausages. Bacon, again, was on the hard side. Served with a good tub of jam that wasn't overly sweet so I stole some for my pancakes too 😛


Slightly pricey at $25 but YAY Entertainer 1-for-1! Supersized everything that was well-executed. Sausage, juicy mushrooms, scrambled eggs, toast and candied bacon


Simple brunch affair of well-balanced matcha latte; avocado toast with sous vide egg; garnished with sunflower/pumpkin seeds.



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