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Featuring Blackfriars Restaurant, Quayside Market, Blue Moon Restaurant, Little Asia, St Sushi, Sky, McDonald's, Julien Plumart, Bills, Deliciously Gorgeous
ivana sadikin
ivana sadikin
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chicken is tasty and crispy to blend in with the veggies 🥗

hasn't posting regularly since i moved back but i still try to "fooding" as often as possible 😁 i guess good food is essential in lifting up my mood and work as good rewards after tiring days.

😍 tasty, balanced, play with textures and pretty looking! 😍

holiday ain't over yet but i think this is the best meal this time! wish me luck to find something better than this before flying home 😎

😍 light yet satisfying meal 😍

because they are sweet and good looking 😍

pickled veggie with slices of fish, flavour game is intense! sour, salty and spicy!