Featuring Paris Baguette (Wisma Atria), St. Marc Café (VivoCity), St. Marc Café (Marina Square), Paris Baguette (Tampines Mall), Cedele Bakery Cafe (Chevron House), Krispy Kreme (คริสปี้ ครีม), Crystal Jade My Bread (Compass Point), BreadTalk (Paragon), Toast Box (Plaza Singapura), Toast Box (Compass One)
✏epinosh 🍴
✏epinosh 🍴

Each piece is sliced in perfect thickness the way I adored. It's super pillowy and fine! Seriously, only the Japanese baker can do the job impressively.

They have included a healthier wholemeal loaf under the soft bread fleet!!! I always go for the 6-slices loaf for a perfect thickness. 4-slices were way too thick which 8-slices was a tad too thin to satiate my carb carving!!

All the fluffiness in the charcoal-influenced bread feel just so right with the even level of sweetness in the root mashed. $1.50 is all you need for a comforting moment.. I'm obsessed with sweet potato alike foods! Yourself??


$5 for a serving of some lightly toasted squid ink dough, slightly crusted but not overly squiddy!


Cross section of the intense currying muffin... Yummo with a fiery kick!

Pacific Marketplace are stocking their counters with this mammoth savory muffins - each at $5! Krrish - potato curry chunks filled the muffin in a great spiciness! Very gratifying=))

Pack of 3s, the glutton way to seek out the classical making by the Nihon bakers who filled each matcha-accent pillowy bread with sweet Azuki beans.. NICE!


Highly competitive bread industry in Singapore we have, the last was sprouted wholemeal loaf from its rival - Sunshine baker - now the latest fab is Chia Seeded bread from Gardenia. But I'm liking more of the Sprouted Wholemeal by Sunshine bakers for a dense and smooth mouthfeel..


Filled generously with Japanese Azuki bean paste, each weigh a stone.. Lovely light green tea aroma engulfing the pillowy texture.

Shaped in a cup alike, this lightly honeyed soft bread texture is your second option to a plain unadulterated loaf. $3.10ea.

It's so pillowy and soft. The white cylinder loaf comes with a hint of sweetness, mirroring the skill of a Japanese baker. The Korean confectionery chain is mushrooming in the neighborhood.. $6.00ea

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Indeed, what a good substitute for a caffeine fix! Sweet sugary crust atop the fluffy coffee bun. But the range at TM is rather narrow.. $2.90ea

Noshing becomes my obsession when I turn writing to hobby! Watch me <3<3

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