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Featuring Pidgin, L'Aiglon, Sha Tin 18, Da Francesco, Fisketorget, Patisserie Tony Wong Dessert Cafe, Dromedar Kaffebar, Stavanger Bedandbreakfast, Bergen Fish Market, Godt Brød
Cheryl Ng
Cheryl Ng
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My favorite Original Lobster Roll ($40) features live lobster flown twice weekly from Nova Scotia. Tossed in a lemony kewpie and sandwiched in a made-fresh-daily buttery and fluffy brioche. I’d have half eaten the original way, and the other half drizzled with their garlic lemon butter sauce. My heart and tummy is so full right now. 😍😍😍

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Generous shards of crab meat in a flavorful broth, plus more seafood goodness (shredded abalone) in the egg white dumpling parcel. The soups are served with a prawn spring roll which provides a contrasting texture to the rich broth. #minjiangdempsey

Dinner sees some interesting dishes with Asian-Chinese flavors. This duck confit tasted pretty much like the Asian braised duck! There are also interesting cocktails made with Chinese wines. More on www.ms-skinnyfat.com link in bio. 📷@51soho

Jeremmy has teamed up with 3 special friends to bring us some special supper dishes. Coming up on 9-11 May, you’ll get to taste Jeremmy’s famous Hokkien Mee and his 16h braised beef cheek in dumpling form, alongside @sameernoog ex-Fat Lulu #noburnnotaste platter and vegetable chips. The platter comprises previous Fat Lulu’s favourite, the Iberico Pork Sataytay; chicken wings, grilled slow and low; and Sam’s Phu Quoc Pork Ribs, inspired by the surprise obsession he developed after tasting the ribs at a street food stall in Vietnam. And chicken wings! Boy do I love a balanced diet of meats, seafood and some veggies! Hurry grab your seat at https://www.eventbrite.sg/e/le-binchotan-supper-special-2019-tickets-59939161646! #jeremmyandfriends

It’s definitely timely to head over to @goodwoodparkhotelsg for their Durian Fiesta 2019 and get your hands dirty on their perennial favorites and new releases! More on www.ms-skinnyfat.com link in bio.

They’re known for their pretty bites served in a standing decorative silver birdcage, which is good for 2pax. I wished they had hot savory bites instead of their cold sandwiches though we did enjoy the pork terrine on crispy toast, and foie gras doughnut. As you can tell, there are way too many sweets to get through and we really couldn’t deal. If you need some sweetness in your life, you know where to head to.
W T Time is available daily from 3pm-5pm at Woo Bar and costs $65/$75 (weekdays/weekends) with free flow tea/coffee for 2 pax.

@panpacificsingapore Hai Tien Lo has just relaunched its menu. Chef Ben Zeng has taken traditional Cantonese dishes and transformed them using western cooking technique and plating to give diners something to look forward to. One of my favorite dishes is the Baked silver sea perch fillet with kumquat chili sauce. The bitter-sweet spicy ending note of the orange peel sauce refreshes each bite of the baked fatty deep-sea fish. I’m inspired to cook this at home. Note to self- get the recipe from chef!

Sorry for the lack of updates. Work has consumed my life and so there’s hardly time to write except for long weekends!! Here’s one on @braci.sg, a surprising one-Michelin star Italian restaurant in Singapore. I haven’t heard much about it actually but it turned out to be better than I expected! More on www.ms-skinnyfat.com Link in bio.

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A sloppy burger with layers of scrambled and gooey wetness. Just the way I like it @parkbenchdeli.


From 25 Apr, @jemm_cooks will team up with 3 special friends to bring us some special supper dishes. First with @archan_n of @level33_sg of LeVeL33; then with @sameernoog ex-Fat Lulu; and father of heritage food @the_rebel_chef of @folkloresg.

For each special weekend, one of these friends would be cooking alongside Jeremmy to present 1 small plate and 1 big plate per chef. You get 4 special supper dishes for only $35++! To kick things off, on 25-27 Apr, ArChan will be doing her Stir-fried Clams with homemade XO Sauce for her special main. Train your tastebuds to see if you can pick out the beer in this sauce! I’d save some of the clams for Jeremmy’s Prawn Noodle Soup to further flavor the 4 hour pork bone and prawns broth. Will share the other highlights in the next few posts!

In other news, feeling the mum guilt for leaving the furkids @softoreocats. Hope they don’t give @corinneng too many trouble!

Really love the ones @amorestaurantsg with their blistered crust from the wood firing. More on www.ms-skinnyfat.com. Link in bio.

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