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Cheryl Ng
Cheryl Ng
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Verdict? Find out on the blog, link in bio. The Spanakopita had a great texture and was packed with spinach, feta, and way too much dill. And these 2 triangles were $16.

I used to think it's some nonsense sandwich my dad made just to feed us but turned out pretty legit. This sandwich is probably invented by dads. Using @firebakesg sourdough in this one. Will definitely add some butter, more cheese and Bak Kwa to complement the bread next time.

Possibly the best burger I've had all year. Pulled pork scrambled egg burger with a bun that's filled with bacon cream cheese and a house made sambal mayo. Super love this one! Comes with a side of mimolette cheese coated crunchy sweet potatoes. Get it now at @thesummerhousesg

Here's a super yums hokkien mee from Xiao Di at Serangoon North. Check out our Best of Singapore Food party on stories!

Had several surprising dishes like the Kailan with preserved vegetables, poached rice in seafood broth, and that mouthwatering Tea Smoked Duck. More on Link in bio.

Like a tempura beancurd skin wrapped onsen egg and kakiage on rice. The surest way to make me finish a whole bowl of rice. 😍

The recipe has changed a little and it features a denser texture overall but the center is still a little soft and moist. I slather mine with tons of clotted cream and some of their lemon curd. You can get these in their Weekday Afternoon tea set or just on their own (go with the latter).

Love this traditional Teochew Large Sweet Pea-Cake from @pgcake which has savory bits of bacon in it!
Pine Gardens has collaborated with @byndartisan for their Mid Autumn Festival collection and this pie comes on a pretty valet tray that is perfect for storing your accessories. The suede cord and gold ring that secures the box also doubles as a fashion accessory! They retail at $88 per box, the mooncakes are now available for pre-order and collection from The Pine Garden and Bynd Artisan Ateliers at Holland Village and Raffles City. Definitely one of my favorites this season!

Signatures like their Fried Chicken and Buttermilk biscuits are available till 4pm, alongside one of the best pancakes we've had in a while. More on Link in bio.

What's not to love about runny yolks and a crunchy sausage crust? @southunionpark did this decently. And I enjoyed the honey crispy chicken too. Skip the bland and dry burger though.