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Featuring Pidgin, L'Aiglon, Sha Tin 18, Da Francesco, Fisketorget, Patisserie Tony Wong Dessert Cafe, Dromedar Kaffebar, Stavanger Bedandbreakfast, Bergen Fish Market, Godt Brød
Cheryl Ng
Cheryl Ng
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New post on the blog featuring the brand new menu @maggiejoanssingapore to celebrate their 2nd anniversary! Loving this interesting burrata with plums and shio konbu strips. This stirs up my childhood memories! Read more to find out why.

Love the sushi rice in this Toro Butsu Meshi ($29.80) by @kuromaguromd! The otoro didn’t melt my heart (neither did it melt beautifully in my mouth) but it was still juicy (with fats) nonetheless. Would go for their kaisen meshi next time. Another reason to love our favorite airport more! SORA Japan Gourmet Food Hall is open from today onwards! Grab a bite before you fly!

I’ve been waiting waaaaay too long for them to open! 6 eateries, 2 new to Singapore. This Modanyaki from @tsuruhashi.fugetsu.singapore is 😍😍😍Finally the arrival of an authentic Osaka okonomoyaki!

Love the berries parfait too but nothing beats the one I had in Margaret River.

Haven’t been active on social media because #adulting. Shopping these days revolve ard furniture, lights, bathroom fixtures and diningware (which I have the foresight of purchasing them ever so often). Hit me with recommendations for buying these stuff! :) I’ll try to get down to doing some writing sometime.

While everyone was still going for savories, I’ve moved on to one of the best scones in Singapore @regentsingapore Tea Lounge. Love that crust and the airy insides. Of course I gave it a good slather of clotted cream and a touch of lemon curd before savoring it. 😋😋😋 Can someone bring me these for breakfast?

One of my favorite dishes from tonight’s dinner, a subtle and elegant green zebra tomato with black olive tapanade, sea lettuce and sea grapes. The salty umami pops are gelled by this smooth and creamy homemade ricotta cheese. The snappy sourdough cracker base provided an added texture to this dish! 😍😍😍 More on stories. :)

A slightly different afternoon tea with seafood and champagne at @thewestinsingapore Lobby Lounge. Yes lobster is involved. More on!

Highly recommending this super affordable and awesome quality omakase at newly opened Kyuu by Shunsui. Only $129 for ten-course with sashimi and wagyu beef?! 😱😱😱 Check out the overflowing ikura on rice at the end! More on Link in bio.

Smoky and savory mix of gin, campari and Italian vermouth. My other favorite is their fizzy Grappito which is a basil-citrus grappa cocktail. New favorite bar in Robertson Quay. GO.