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Featuring Coffea Coffee (Bangsar), Marmalade, W.I.P, Kompassion (Damansara Kim), Rakuzen (Hartamas), The Gastro Project, WonderMama X (Avenue K), LA/PA, K.T.Z. Food (Kepong), The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf (Mid Valley Megamall)
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Foodroll _

Top picks: Carrot cake, Pork and shrimp dumpling (Siew Mai), BBQ pork buns, and steamed egg cake.
Family favourite: Glutinous rice in bamboo leave, deep fried fish skin (tastes like lekor)
They actually taste really good compared to some popular ones. I can vouch the place I grew up at used to have the best dimsum in town but it's not anymore. Although that coffeeshop is still popular among others.
I love THW because it's the closest I can get to the amazing dimsum I had in HK and the quality of food is so much cleaner and better. That simply means it's delicious.
Expensive? Not really. Believe it or not, dimsums at downtown coffee shops are about the same price too. People seem to be skeptical over THW because they're located in big malls and fancy restaurants.
Food: 8/10 Price: 8/10 (Total bill came up to about RM 99 for 7 items, 2 drinks, and a very full belly)

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My top picks at Flingstones are always the big breakfast and pasta. Little did I know their sandwiches are a perfect comfort food too! What goes wrong with bacon anyway. I had the BELT - bacon, eggs, lettuce, tomato.
A hearty breakfast to cheer you up with crispy hashBrowns and bacon infused baked beans. Yum! Eggs were not placed on the bread. So brownie points for a toasty toast!
Good: 8/10 Price: 8/10 (Big breakfast - RM 25; B.E.L.T - RM 15; coffee - RM 10)

We all went bananas. Though it was nothing bombastic, it definitely did not fail the basic satisfaction we get from these carb-loaded dessert. I prefer the crepe though. It was less sweet and much fluffier than the pancakes.
The famous banana pancake was however a little doughy on the day I visited. But definitely flooded with chocolate sauce and bananas.
Food: 6/10 Price: 6/10 (pancake - RM 8; crepe - RM 8 * I kind of forgot the exact price)

Some loves it on a sunny day. But everyone would go for dessert everyday!
The Korean version of ice kacang. Though I'm a little spoilt from the amazing bingsu from Korea, I can give kudos to OW:L as it was really yummy and less diabetic. Not a surprise since they originated from Gangnam, Seoul.
Perhaps one of the better bingsu places in Malaysia.
Layers: Vanilla ice cream. Real pieces of cheesecake. Generous amount of mangoes. All on top of milk shaved ice.
Food: 7/10 Price: 7/10 (RM 23 for small size)


Brewyard's special - the B:Y waffle. Of crispy waffle, cookies & cream and chocolate ice cream, bananas, grapes and chocolate syrup drizzle.
It was an okay waffle. Try when you or your friend have crazy cravings for waffles. Share the waffles amongst yourself for good conversation and coffee!
Food: 6/10 Price: 6/10 (RM 16)



Grass fed Angus steak, cooked a little over on the rare. Not my favourite cook level but definitely worth every bite with some herbed butter and sautéed cherry tomatoes. Tell me you're not drooling already?


It was a fun night and I'm always so thankful to Burpple for the knowledge and exposure I'm given to when it comes to food and sharing it with the rest of the world.
Thanks for an amazing dinner and service yesterday. I'm always in awe of the open kitchen concept at Roost.

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Prices for "artisanal" coffees were much cheaper (below RM 10) with various desserts at the counter. Simple location for a coffee fix and a little date perhaps? 😜

My fellow lava-cake fans, you can get your cravings fixed here at a reasonably cheap price!
Also had to try the new Mcflurry Peanut Reeses. Not as nice as I expected 😞. Just some peanut butter chips and chocolate syrup on top of churned softserve.

A blend of retro interior and contemporary designs. Definitely a place for pretty Instagram-worthy pictures.
Although I was too lazy to get better lighting outside and move everything out there, I think this picture sums up my visit perfectly to this cafe in Malacca.
They are popular for the Local Pandan Pancakes with coconut gula melaka, add on vanilla ice cream. Tbh, the ice cream was not necessary as the pancakes were perfectly sweet and fluffy on its own, especially when spreader with the coconut and gula Melaka spread. I also like how similar and perfect the pancakes shapes are! 😂 (must be the pancake pan that they have)
Another specialty is the gula melaka iced chocolate. Very special! It's very decadent but might be a little too heavy for a hot day in Malacca. There was flakes of gula melaka at the bottom and it really blended well with the chocolate! I did try to ask to add on a shot of espresso but I guess that was a weird idea. Even the barista thinks so.
Love the latte art as well. Really impressive. Although the coffee was just mediocre (imo). Food: 8/10
Price (GST excluded): Pancakes+vanilla ice cream: RM 13.90+RM 3.59; Cappuccino: RM 10.50; Iced Chocolate: RM 13.50


I'm also dissatisfied with the pictures I took 😭. Anyway, this was the English afternoon tea set and festive tea set (seasonal) at Mandarin Oriental. RM 98++ per person with refillable coffee (white or black of choice) or tea, and their own tea set.
It's definitely more than the one I tried in Majestic Hotel but more "English". Tbh I would recommend to opt for the English tea set as the festive set because it's a waste with only some gingerbread cookies and what not.
A plus point is the refillable coffee. Not just black but also for white coffee like latte, mocha, cappuccino, etc.
A great cozy place for you to bring your wife, daughter, girlfriends for some quality time!
Generally there's sweet, savoury, and dessert. All of them are of good quality food and fairly delicious!


Lobster roll! Who doesn't love lobster roll. Although it might be the most expensive sandwich.


This picture does no justice to the flavour of the meal I had here. Go with the steamed lobster to taste some juicy and sweet lobster. Have a lobster roll for generous stuffing in soft brioche buns along with perfectly cooked French fries.
This brought me back to memories from Burger & Lobsters when I was in UK. Although P&P seems like a ripoff from B&L I can't deny that the lobster market is blooming in Malaysia and P&P did a good job with fully booked seats every weeknight. I preferred the herbed butter sauce that is served with the whole lobster because it really brings out the taste of the lobster and serves really well with the chips. However the garlic aioli that came with the lobster roll is really salty. At least there was fresh watermelon salad to lighten things up.
Foo: 8/10 Price : 5/10 (RM 158 for every dish with lobster. Meaning all of the items on menu is priced at 158 bucks. Now I'm not saying it should be around 30-50 ringgit but it is a really expensive meal to begin with. RM158 for each dish? I'll rethink about coming back...💸💸💸) P/s. It is still worth trying for the first time. Maybe for really special occasions! If you have the money, by all means, go ahead. :)


Breakfast brunch lover and coffee art lover! Instagram: @foodroll_

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