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Quaffle YayMe
Quaffle YayMe

πŸ˜‹ #delicious #homecooked #food ❀️
Today menu:
Stir fried #pumpkin , #spinach and #chicken thigh with #mushroom sauce πŸ‘ + #pork ribs and #corn #soup (unpictured) -- served with #rice πŸ›
#love it ! πŸ’• thank you so much mummy for the #wonderful meal 😘 homecooked #foods are always the #best and #yums ! πŸ‘πŸ΄

#noodles with #prawns , #brocolli , #carrots and #eggs . Guess what kind of noodles this is? 😁 don't be shock! My mum actually used mee pok noodles for this! Interesting huh? πŸ™‰ taste wise... Not too bad! πŸ‘just a tad but egg-y for my liking. Haha was a really interesting, homecooked #fusion dish I guess πŸ˜‚#vscocam

Added #crabsticks, swert #corn, #prawns and a little bit of sprin onions and carrots. πŸ˜‹
#Delish !πŸ‘ love the sweetness of the corn so much 🌽 How was you day?😁

#Viennoiserie from #delifrance! #LovelyπŸ˜‹ still #crispy and #flakey when I heated it up in the morning. Purchase it for 2 for $3.10 using the 1-for-1 NDP coupons 😁

Did not want to go out today but didn't want to stick to hawker food, so we found this lil cafe and hopped in for a try. Not exactly my type of posh, hipster cafe, but it'll do just fine for dinner. It's located below the HDB flats and simply decorated. The food have off a rather homely feel and was rather satisfying. Portions aren't big though. My companies complained about not being full after finishing their meals.
Service was slow too as they only had 2 people serving us. Though it was a small and rather unappealing (?) place, I was quite surprised to see quite a crowd there for dinner! Almost all the tables were filled and with at least 4 other groups there. Most of them should be the residents around the area bah.
They have good mashed potatoes thoughπŸ‘something to note.
Might be back another day if I feel like eating some western food and do not want to travel far.
New makan place near my house unlocked! πŸ”“

But the meat was juicy and the cheese was not too overpowering, just right the way I like it! #yums !πŸ‘
#Fish was tender and soft. Chicken chop meat was tender too and everything was rather well done. Definitely a satisfying #dinner😌#vscocam #cheapngood !

Simple local food at it's best. I think it's a rather well known stall and we managed to get the last two bowls of noodles that day!!😁 They were sold out after our order.
No MSG added according to them.

Distinct Chili crab taste with generous amount of crab meat and minced pork. Simply lovely ~ πŸ’•
Satisfying meal and this was worth the price πŸ‘ Definitely try these babies if you visit Din Tai Fung! Only for a limited time (until 31 August) do they sell these chili crab #xiaolongbao ! Can never get enough of xiao long baos! πŸ˜‹
Craving satisfied! πŸ‘ Love it!

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