Oishi 🎌

Oishi 🎌

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ni eats
ni eats

I’m always suckered into sets that allows me to have complete nutrition with vege and dessert(haha). The rice and eel is a smaller option but I’m not complaining. Though for the dessert... it’s not the greatest πŸ˜… the mochi was too hard.

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The first thing I did was took a sip of the "soup". Wrong choice. It is purely a dipping sauce rather than soup as it it way too salty. Unless you want to get high blood pressure, then drink the "soup" as you may. Although the initial mistake, it is an amazing dipping sauce! Served piping hot, it warms up the cold soba to the right temperature. There's a generous serving of beef and vegetables in the sauce as well, and of cause not forgetting the soft boiled egg that I popped in my mouth. πŸ˜‹

Don't like sashimi because it's cold? Then try Aburi Don! Seared sashimi on top of vinegared Japanese rice! The seared sashimi was amazing but the tamago didn't have enough mirin and sugar. Come here on a Saturday to feel like you booked the whole restaurant!


I don't know for you. But Oyakodon was the first jap dish I had as a kid. Chicken simmered with onions and eggs in dashi stock and topped on top of soft fluffy rice. It was my ultimate comfort food as a kid! At ippin they do a good rendition at an affordable price! Just $15 for the don with a salad that you can add any dressings you want from the tray of dressings they carry. Plus to top it off, you get a hojicha pudding. Only thing is, their miso soup tasted more like soy sauce soup...


Miso cod fish that literally melts in your mouth! The grounded Chinese yam is very good to refresh your palette after every bite too!


I ordered a cod fish set and this came as the starter! Super fresh and thick slices of salmon, tuna and yellowtail! This was so awesome!


Kickstarted my jubilee holiday with some awesome gyozas! The seared mentaiko sauce made the gyozas so much more amazing!!


This was HUGEEEE. My friend and I couldn't even finish this and we were already exploding. Would have been perfect for 3 people. Other than the huge portion, I would say the taste wise was typical. Just like any other Katsu w curry.


A close up of my starter. This is the little guy that was attempting to steal my flounder sushi! Straight after this shot, I popped him into my mouth πŸ™Š


My first omakase experience! 7 course omakase. That started with baby crab, seaweed, flounder sushi and sea grapes. The flounder was a little fishy for my liking but I love everything else. I like the vinegar soaked seaweed which was very refreshing for the start. Then the teapot soup with prawn, fish and mushrooms. Soup had a very fresh taste due to the seafood and lime. After that came the super fresh tuna belly, hamachi and prawn. You can't even talk when you eat the sashimi because everything just melts in your mouth. Then it was the uni truffle chawamushi. The truffle looks like a lot but didn't have much taste, the soft pudding like chawanmushi made up for it. Next was the wagyu beef ribs which was so superbly tender and tasty. It was marinated in a very tasty sauce that made it taste like bak gua. Lastly, the main, which was the king crab, scallop and fatty tuna Don. Of course not forgetting the ice cream to end it on a sweet note. I got the yuzu ice cream which was quite refreshing but they have other choices like black sesame and green tea as well. I totally recommend the black sesame! I absolutely love my first omakase experience!!!


Don't know if I've been spoilt by other super fresh (and more expensive) chirashi dons. This just didn't feel as shiok. The swordfish was too hard, and the tuna was a little hard as well. But I must say, this is still the most value for money at $25.


A nice combination of rice, seaweed, salmon skin and tobiko roe. But if you're here, go for their fresh sashimi or sushi with raw sashimi. Their sashimi is so fresh that it's a waste to eat cooked seafood 😝


ni eats

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