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Featuring Two Chefs Eating Place (Commonwealth), Craft Bistro, Free The Robot Coffee, Ramen Bari-Uma (Tanglin), Bingki Korean Dessert Cafe, YiLi PaoPao Ice (Orchard), Dancing Crab (Orchard Central), Jack Ripper, Alfero Artisan Gelato (Marina Square), The Cathay
Clara Bean
Clara Bean
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You get to enjoy 6 vastly different cuts of PREMIUM meats with their quality buffet line at just $78++ from next week (27th sept) onwards.

My favorite has got to be this MAYURA FULL-BLOOD WAGYU. Seriously wow.

Heading for an impromptu trip to Taiwan next week, RECOMMENDATIONS PLEASE.

Head over to or to to find out more!

Here's my favorite kimchi toastie from their new menu 🤤 head on to my ig story or my bio for the review on their new menu!

That generously stuffed crispy shrimps and medley of veggies held together with MINIMAL batter, so you don't get a mouthful of floury nothing. What you get underneath this over the top goodness would be a base of rice, cherry tomatoes and sautéed mushrooms. 🤤 can get a little too dry and gelak for one pax - this is definitely enjoyed best when shared 😌

Sunday brunch, anyone?

Instead of mooncakes, you can surprise your friends and families with this AMAZINGG (I kid you not) LIMITED TIME BBQ CHEESE CORN and their all time favorite Caramel Crisp - in a gorgeous mooncake gift box (worth $42!). ITS REALLY AMAZING. I finished 2 tins already.

All you have to do to win this would be:

1. Tag a friend you'd be sharing this with. Don't share also can.
2. Following @explodingbelly and @garrettpopcorn!

Contest ends by Friday! The winner will be notified by DM, so don't need to keep a lookout for my announcement ah! Thank you thank you.

Those generous chunks of Beef Tenderloin, MUSHROOMS, and drizzled with Truffle Leek Butter Sauce! I cannot.

Please let me eat this everyday! 😌 ok I want to eat a lot of things everyday. 🤔