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Featuring Ra.Ft (Binjai 8), Tommy Le Baker (Kampung Attap), Thong Kee (Sea Park), Devi's Corner (Bangsar), Tut's Egyptian Eatery, Restoran Pau Kee (保记沙河粉茶餐室), Pin Wei Hong Kong Dim Sum 品味点心茶楼, 翠月樓港式點心, Restoran Leong Wei (良威茶餐室), Kedai Makanan & Minuman WK 滑鸡咖喱面
Eryn Ng YW
Eryn Ng YW

Curry curry, who don't love curry in Malaysia. It is best matched with noodle and bee hun. This stall served 1 of the most generous portion of curry mee in klang valley. Though the soup base still have room to.improve, its generous portion made up the point. Taste not bad actually, but I would like to have stronger curry powder flavour. Chicken was soft, so not bad at all. Price: I guess RM11, Food: 7/10

A go to spot in Ipoh for Dim sum. Was the first time i heard of this place, the crowd surprised me. It was like more crowded than foh san and ming ge. How did I not know this place before. You have to stand beside a table to secure a place, then get the order chit, go to ordering counter to order. Many people choose to carry their food on their own as it cut short the waiting time. Dim sum was nice, prawn item are all fresh and chewy, all good! Price: RM26 per pax (We order really a lot), Food: 8/10

Homey hong kong dim sum place. Food were nice, honest ingredient is all that made dim sum nice. Good for family breakfast. However, service is kind of slow, be patient. Price: About RM20 per pax, Food: 8/10

It's been a trend of eating MiXian since made famous by Go Noodle, I am happy to see that happening since I love MiXian a lot. This hawker center served many savoury noodles, this MiXian is one of them. Though taste is not as distinctive as the famous chain shop one, it is still a good one. Light soup, a little salty, great to go with MiXian. However, the ingredient could be better if the owner could choose slightly better quality meat and vege. Price: RM7, Food: 7/10

Kopitiam Thong Kee is a gem, serving hawker fare Hainanese cuisine. The must-have here is their croissants, all tables are having their croissant. They served butter-kaya, egg & ham, ham & cheese, or all-in-one croissants. It might not be as crisp as the Bangsar famous croissant, but it is flaky and buttery enough to fit into my top favourite pastries spot. Price: RM4.90-7.90, Food: 9/10

There is a lot of good food here, and Yong Tau Foo is one of them. Originated from Peel Road and as good. Price: RM7.50, Food: 9/10

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Flipping through back and forth the menu, this is the only item that suits me on that day. I wanted to try their bread item, it looks tempting, however bread choices was only so limited, only served with lamb or beef, or just a plain one. I am not a fan of beef or lamb, thus this is the only choice I have got. I am happy I got this, the wrap itself is not outstanding, but good to go. Chicken cubes in the wrap is of quite small portion. Overall, it taste OK. But nothing special to shout about or making me growing that crave to come back here again. And it definitely not a good choice if you don't have plenty of time. Expect to wait for 30min for food if you come at busy hour. Price: RM8.50, Food: 7/10

Early riser don't have much choice in Sunway Velocity, there is only a handful of shop that are open early, and O'Briens is one of them which started business from 8am. There is not a lot of choice for breakfast and all item are simple. This possibly appeared to be the most filling one, so I picked it. Nice choice of me. :) Croissant is crispy and fluffy. Easy going type of food. It would be nicer if the ham slices are warm enough, my food doesn't get to warm up nicely, I deduct mark for that. It is affordable set with a drink of your choice. Price: RM14.90, Food: 7/10

The best Ipoh Hor Fun in KL. Its perfection! Clear sweet prawn soup, soft chicken slices, smooth hor fun, fresh greens, these are all we want for a comfort bowl of meal. Food: 9/10

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The meet up of me and this stall is totally a fate. I was at that area visiting lab to get my annual medical report, I pass by the stall and found that its soup smells good. Thus, I purposely came here again for a quick breakfast. The food for me is dumpling soup mee. KL resident will love this place. The reason being everything is so homey style. From the deco, to the soup, to the friendly and cheerful stall owner. Soup base is a chicken ABC soup, I can spot piece of potato and onion in my soup. When this shop deserves a 5 star rating, you can expect a comfort soup that is not petty about the ingredient. Except from my mom, this will be my favourite dumpling out there. Freshly made dumpling, as fat as it could ever be. I prefer the version of dumpling with chives. Pair it with the chili oil, it is simply perfect! Not forgeting the lemon tea so fresh and not tasted too sweet like what it is normally in mamak and restaurant. Price: RM9.50, Food: 9/10

I love this place. Environment is comfortable, waiters are polite and friendly. Don't worry even if you sit at a far corner out of sight from the counter because the waiter will check out all corners once in a while. My Make-Your-Own-Breakfast is all good, fresh ingredient, nicely done, lightly seasoned, and filling. I will definitely come again for this. Price: RM28.50, Food: 9/10


I find it very reasonable to eat here. Generous portion of food, tasted nice, and it is not over priced. You need more reason? It is located in the heart of Bangsar, the famous atas street of Telawi. Price: RM8.20, Food: 7/10

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