"Caffeine is a central nervous system (CNS) stimulant of the methylxanthine class..."
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One of their bottled d'infused collection. It has a pretty strong earl grey and lavender flavors, and some hint of mint.

Their matcha latte [$5.5] is nice! Had it with oat milk as they ran out of dairy ones, and I think generally matcha latte is done well with oat milk. It's neither sweet nor bitter so if you like it sweet probably can ask them to alter the sweetness. It is a bit more muted than matcha-specialty places but it is one of the drinks I think Bread Yard do really well!

One of my go-to matcha places and is generally a well-accepted matcha-specialty place. I had matcha hojicha latte, no ice and less hojicha syrup (ended up paying $6.8). The staff once told me that their matcha latte is done less sweet by default, and I also ordered less hojicha syrup as I am not quite a hojicha fan. The latter might balance the sweetness since it is syrup. For me, the final concoction's sweetness is just nice.

A quite common sight in CBD area, 6oz Espresso Bar at Change Alley Mall is a small coffee joint with indoor and outdoor seats. The place feels bright and the indoor seats are nice for quick meeting, though small and probably not for long stays or studying/ working. The coffee is alright for leisure meetups - not too milkish, not too coffee-ish.

Nothing is particularly special about this coffee - the blend is quite indistinguishable but it is a good accompaniment to their food and especially bread. Its lightness may please the masses and it is good to have with breakfast or to accompany small gatherings (COVID still! :x)

Dirty chai that is rather heavy on the spices, therefore it probably overpowered the honey and espresso. It actually tastes similar to their normal chai latte (without the espresso) but I think the spices is more muted in this one.

While they specialise in tarts, and then ventured to dessert and bakes (which are equally good), Drips also serve nice coffee! The beans are from Sister Bruce Coffee Roasters with nut and honey notes and dark chocolate finish. The ratio of coffee to milk is also decent, making it a good post-lunch companion. This flat white is also priced decently at $5.50.

Good coffee, smooth and not acidic, with decent caffeinating power. The blend is by Sarnies.
In frame:
• flat white [$4.50]

Aside of their wonderfully done bagels, TMBH serves great Cold Brew too! The bottled caffeines are available in two variants, The Hare (black) and The Tortoise (white). It is creamy and smooth, slightly sweet as the proportion skews a little bit to the milk side, while the coffee base is solid and chocolate-y.

What is going to a specialty coffee place without getting their specialty coffee? Though the IG page claims that they serve one from Kyoto, it turned out this time they serve coffee from a local roaster. It is definitely alright in terms of taste #supportlocal, just the discrepancy. However it is still a great hot black and nice aesthetic airy space to spend some time in the area!

Just like what Kyoto and the surrounding region do really well, the Singapore outpost of Kurasu does their matcha latte equally well. It seems that they get their own matcha supplies from Uji itself, and the difference in milk used does not seem to make this drink less special than its original counterpart. The seating area is small, talk long sofas with social distancing markers, and post lunch it can be crowded from students and office workers nearby, but the staff are still very prompt and friendly manning this new spacious, airy, Kyoto-esque feel space of theirs.

They specially showcase certain blends for certain type of drinks. This is white with a nutty, chocolate-y Brazil beans from Denmark's Coffee Collective (the other beans are from Singapore's own Nylon Coffee Roasters which are brighter and fruity-ish). It is robust with low acidity, smooth on the palate. I also got a sea-salt brownie on the side, the flavor is not so strong therefore allowing the coffee to stand out (they are a 'coffee stand' anyway!)

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