Western Delights

Western Delights

Into western food? This listing is the correct choice for you!
Alicia Ang
Alicia Ang

$7.90. Seafood Baked rice with spicy tomato sauce and cheese. My dad commented that it was a really unique baked rice dish.

$3.90. Crispy chicken with pepper sauce. I like how it's tasty, not too much of the crisp.

$5.90. Very filling. Served hot and I'm large quantity. I feel that the chicken should have been more tasteful.

$7.90 (8pcs)
$3.95 (4pcs)
Marinated with spices and fried to golden perfection. Slightly too oily to me. But it was recommended for kids somehow.

$5.90. Cheesy beef meatballs with potatoes in seasoned write sauce. My brothers and dad ate this and commented that it doesn't has any stand out points from other meatballs they ate before. But it was nice.

$7.90. Pork salami with Gouda and mozarella cheese. My brothers ate this and they commented that the tomato sauce and cheese covered the original taste of the pizza.

$2.90. I like the presentation of the whole dish. I also like how it emphasizes on the taste of the mushroom. Able to fill my stomach.

Valentine's day special. Cost $12.50.
Waffle top with Bandang ice cream with strawberry jam. It was a really unique combination. Love it. Though I feel that it's overpriced.

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Ordered this because I was attracted by it's name. It's crispy indeed, but I feel that it will be better if it has a little bit more of the butter taste of the cornflakes. But overall, it was great.


$15.60. One of boyfriend's favourite under swensen's menu. Tried a little, but I will never going to be able to finish the whole plate myself. Possible to share.

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Heated apple with cinnamon crumbs. Crispy texture. $5.50

This is a must try.

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Consist of tomato cubes, Turkey Bacon and small cut chilies. Spicy. $8.90

It was a great meal. I am not someone who can take spicy food. But this is really nice to be and surprisingly, I could take the spice.

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