Sweet Treats

Sweet Treats

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Marc T.
Marc T.

3 munchies: Featuring the highly-anticipated Chocolate Pie that has reached our shores, oozy molten chocolate is encased in a crisp, chocolate-flavoured crust. It wasn’t mind-blowingly good, though. I found the pie to be slightly underwhelming because the molten chocolate was a tad (artificially) sweet. I mean it costs only $1.90 per piece, so I wasn’t expecting the cocoa beans to be of Valrhona quality.

Don’t even bother about the Sweet Chilli Fish Burger featured in the background. The batter was so thick I could hardly taste the fish meat.


4 munchies: Piping hot, bitter-sweet matcha lava oozes out as soon as the fragrant Thai milk tea ice cream sits atop the buttery, crumbly cookie. One spoonful with all 3 hot and cold elements was all it took to send me to tea heaven after lunch in this blistering heat! #Burpproved

This was a hosted meal by Creamery Boutique Ice Creams.


3 munchies: Handmade fresh daily using only premium-grade flour, Thai fresh milk, and eggs with no added preservatives, the fragrant charcoal cheese egglet was filled generously with mozzarella cheese. Do pick the smooth and creamy coconut ice cream to complement the savoury, slightly chewy egglet. I say lose the Pocky sticks and rainbow crunch that did nothing for me.

Follow Chatuchak Thai Tea on Instagram @chatuchaksg to enjoy $1 off any egglet + free upsize for your choice of Thai Milk Tea, Thai Green Tea, or Thai Coffee!


4 munchies: Topped with ultra-creamy cream cheese frosting that was neither too heavy nor sweet, the carrot cake was incredibly moist and light – unlike the dry ones that you get from most places. You could also tell that carrots were grated by hand, which made the fine pieces melt into the cake batter. It was a slice of classic, perfectly-spiced carrot cake with flavours of cinnamon and nutmeg. #Burpproved


4 munchies: The enhanced rendition of this black sticky rice dessert is another favourite item of mine at this duo-identity concept space that serves Mod-Asian sharing plates and Asian-inspired cocktails. Maintaining a sticky, gooey consistency with the rice grains cooked to the point that they were tender yet chewy, its slightly thicker texture was surprisingly more enjoyable than the traditional bubur pulut hitam. The toasted desiccated coconut flake topping was absolutely brilliant – it gave an extra crunch that the mushy dish needed! #Burpproved


3.5 munchies: Featuring a thin, buttery exterior with crusty edges, the piping hot slice of home-baked apple pie reveals sweet, tender pieces of Granny Smith apples and plump raisins cooked in a light syrup and flavoured with a hint of cinnamon. Do serve it with a dollop of vanilla ice cream to go with this old-fashioned bake that has made a comeback!

Uncle Seng's Apple Pie is priced at $35 for 1kg – only available for order online at www.oldsengchoong.com.


4 munchies: Sandwiched in two brownie cookies, the texture of the vanilla bean ice cream was undoubtedly thick and creamy. The crunch of the roasted nut topping not only set off the smoothness of the ice cream, but also the softness and chewiness of the chocolatey cookies. Definitely giving this treat lots of brownie points!

Brownie Points is sold exclusively at the Star Street outlet in the hip Starstreet Precinct. Available for a limited time only!


3.5 munchies: I've been stuffing myself with so much food in HK and even after climbing up some really steep flights of stairs to get to my favourite cafe, I was still too full for their 5-munchie matcha cheesecake. So, the closest alternative I got was the Matcha & White Chocolate Scone. It was flaky and slightly crusty on the outside; moist and buttery on the inside. The matcha flavour was, needless to say, pronounced as ever.

Because they are advocating environmental friendliness, do bring your own straw next time if you plan to get an iced beverage. I haven't stopped raving about their iced sea salt yuan yang since 2011!

4.5 munchies: The cold steamed milk pudding (original flavour) from Yee Shun Milk Company has always been my absolute favourite late night dessert in Hong Kong. The pudding itself has a really smooth consistency and is not overly sweet. While some might find the flavour too milky to their liking, it was perfect for me – the milkier the better!


4 munchies: Featuring a decadent blend of two types of Italian cheese (aged 14 & 24 months), one French cheese, and lastly one Japanese cheese, all four cheeses have been painstakingly melted down with no artificial flavouring or powdered cheese added. The sweet-savoury soft cream is also made with Hokkaido 3.6 Milk, which boasts a distinct smoothness and sweet smell of vanilla. It was so creamy and surprisingly light, making it a perfect treat for the sweltering heat in Hong Kong!

The Four-Cheese Soft Cream is available at both Tsim Sha Tsui and Causeway Bay outlets.

📷: Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II, courtesy of Canon Singapore.


4.5 munchies: Using only 100% natural ingredients unspoilt by flavourings and emulsifiers, the gelato is made with high-quality fresh milk, cage-free eggs, and the best raw ingredients. With more than 20 flavours to choose from, I picked the signature Crema di Grom and Pistachio for my small cup.

While both gelati were luxuriously thick in texture and rich in flavours, Pistachio stood out more for me. The combination of the sweet, almost balsamic-tasting "Perfect Green" pistachios and the more fragrant and musty "Mawardi" gave the gelato a full, pronounced taste. It couldn't have complemented the smoothness of the Crema di Grom better – a pastry cream gelato made from organic eggs, soft meliga cookies, and Ecuadorean chocolate chips.

GROM is located near the Concierge, ground level of HK ifc mall.

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4 munchies: Two slices of Black Devil chocolate cake topped with double scoop Italian gelato from Alfero Artisan Gelato! The hazelnutty Bacio and aromatic Pistachio gelati made such a winning combination in terms of flavour richness and their ultra smooth and creamy texture. The Black Devil is best served warm with the dark chocolate chips melting into the cake, and of course, a spoonful of the cold, creamy goodness sitting above! #Burpproved


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