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Not Bad, Worth Trying

Not Bad, Worth Trying

Featuring Oriole Coffee + Bar (Somerset), Tom's Palette, Steakout, Saveur (Purvis Street), Esquina, Sun with Moon, Bedrock Bar & Grill, Skyve Wine Bistro, Salt tapas & bar, Food Republic (Wisma Atria)
Victoria Hii
Victoria Hii

Plump dumpling with foie gras infused minced meat filling. Love the thin soft dumpling skin!

Refreshing choice of accompaniments with the grilled beef slices, makes you forget the star of the dish is actually the beef. Loved how the kombu vinegar appetizing and tangy and the light delicate touch of earthiness from the tempura enoki.


Pretty well seasoned and beef slices had consistently great sear. Pickled enoki added a tang to the dish with a burst of flavor from the garlic chips

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The individually carved lamb chops are juicy, rosy and so rich and tender with a crusty exterior made with garlic, herbs, and lemon zest. Very mild in gaminess, friendly for non adventurous lamb eaters

Potato fontina gratin, Braised Swiss Chard, Miso mushroom purée, Red wine reduction

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Shallot purée, caramelised pumpkin, chestnut, black & golden garlic confit, horseradish.

Oh I really love all the accompaniments here. Shallot purée was amazing and immensely flavorful. Needless to say, the execution of the grilled pork was close to perfection.

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Moisture was well retained in the grilled pork. Loved the mustard jus drizzled over it. Served with sautéed carrot and celeriac.


Generous amount of jumbo lump crab meat, homemade chili crab sauce, lime. Al dente pasta with sufficient heat.

Love the combination of nduja and burrata. Nduja is a spicy spreadable pork salumi made with pork shoulder, back fat, belly and a generous hit of spicy Calabrian peppers. A little goes a long way and it most definitely packs a punch, cutting through the richness of the creamy burrata!


Always love a good flatbread! The pulled smoked lamb was flavorful, having soaked up the essence of the spices it was simmered with. Then doused with mozzarella that melds in perfect harmony with the punchy pesto!

One of the popular mains here! Lightly battered barramundi with the creamy rich pistachio pesto balanced off with a light Asian spiced sprout salad. Batter is light and the barramundi is soft and tender.

Glad to be able to redeem this as part of the 1-1 deal on Burpple beyond! 😊


Roasted kailan, tamarind jus, kaffir chili, pumpkin seeds. Got to really give the restaurant credit for the perfect execution of the pan seared Seabass! Comes with mash and pumpkin seeds brittle which I found was an interesting way to add texture and complex flavors - sweetness with a bitter aftertaste.

Always counting down to the next meal 😋

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