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Not Bad, Worth Trying

Not Bad, Worth Trying

Featuring Oriole Coffee + Bar (Somerset), Tom's Palette, Steakout, Saveur (Purvis Street), Esquina, Sun with Moon, Bedrock Bar & Grill, Skyve Wine Bistro, Salt tapas & bar, Food Republic (Wisma Atria)
Victoria Hii
Victoria Hii
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Roasted kailan, tamarind jus, kaffir chili, pumpkin seeds. Got to really give the restaurant credit for the perfect execution of the pan seared Seabass! Comes with mash and pumpkin seeds brittle which I found was an interesting way to add texture and complex flavors - sweetness with a bitter aftertaste.

Unassuming Cantonese style clear broth that is flavorful and rich, served with sweet potato noodles and clams. Good for those with a lighter palate! Very 清

Comforting bowl of rich risotto livened with hints of chili, with a delicate touch of coriander oil to balance the flavors. Served w a roasted prawn and sous vide Egg! Corn kernels really add an omph for the little nuggets of sweetness. Unconventional but fun dish 😛


If you want something healthy and light, go for this. Juicy tender baby chicken served with roasted carrot, parsnip, lettuce heart, roasting juice.

Pumpkin soup - chive cream, pumpkin seed [$8]
Saveur Pasta - capellini, Sakura ebi, pork sauce, chive, shallot, truffle oil [$9]

Fresh prawns cooked in Singapore’s very own famous chili crab sauce. Option to add $2 for 4 mantous.

Found the sauce to be quite flat, lacking the perfect harmony of eggy, sweet, sour & spicy. Regardless, it went well with the mantous! And the prawns were still springy & juicy!

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Good side option if you want a vegetable dish, yet something slightly decadent and playful. Love the gooey blue cheese smothered sweet potatoes which goes well with the chunky bacons strips. This underrated side is much better than the better known Mac and cheese in my opinion. Recommend for sharing!

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350 days grain fed wagyu ribeye, black peppercorn sauce. Prefer the meat here to the dry aged USDA prime ribeye, as this is a thinner cut which is a lot more tender and juicy!

Best known place for the 1-1 deal on entertainer!
Yes, you definitely get your bang for the buck. Medium rare checked. Decent piece of steak. Love the whole grain whiskey mustard!!

Slightly fatty but otherwise satisfying dish, love the combination of the rich creamy bacon cream with the roasted kale!

Tender and soft grilled octopus. Refreshing pairing with sweet creamy corn sauce & chimichurri to balance the flavors. Crispy corn is used for additional textures too!

Love that creamy smooth filling made from a cheesy béchamel sauce that’s spiked with chorizo and paprika. The filling is enclosed in a crunchy breadcrumb coating and fried until crisp and warm.

Always counting down to the next meal 😋

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