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New & Noted

Noteworthy eats from the hottest tables in Singapore.
Muriel AvdH
Muriel AvdH
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I love grilled fish so I was really excited to hear about Keisuke’s latest value-for-money concept. Every charcoal-grilled set includes miso soup, rice, onsen egg and salad bar access.

All three proteins we tried were cooked and seasoned well. The chicken was juicy while both fish options tasted fresh. Will be back again!


Unlike Hamburg Keisuke, the salad bar here is smaller and does not have the eggs station. Regardless, there’s more than enough to try while waiting for your charcoal-grilled mains. My favourites are the dan dan mian, bestest potato salad, crunchy broccoli with the garlicky French dressing and the coffee jelly with cream for dessert.


So glad this was the chef’s special when we visited. With a whole blob of burrata 😍, you don’t really need anything else other than the basic tomato and mozzarella base plus fresh basil leaves. Liked that the dough was chewy and not too thick (although it got a little too thin towards the centre, but no biggie).

Super casual and no GST or service charge.


One more spot to get baked till super soft sweet potatoes! This was very satisfying though I’m biased towards Don Don Donki’s because of the extra caramelisation when it blisters (also, it’s 10 cents cheaper). Still, this is a very good snack option when in VivoCity!


If you could only try one thing here, then this would be the the most value-for-money and foolproof option. While it’s not made to order, they don’t stock too many at a time, so it probably doesn’t spend much time in the warmer (hopefully).

The dough is fluffy and bread-like, which means it’s super filling, so it’s best to share one pie with a friend. Even though the pepperoni slices are super thin, I liked how some of the edges are nicely crisped up. Wish there was a bit more cheese, but at $7.99 you really can’t complain.


This was basically a pepperoni pizza with white onions, capsicum, sad canned mushroom slices and cooked “sausage” bits strewn across and reheated in the oven (you can see that the additional ingredients didn’t get much cook time as they weren’t browned much). I suggest you stick to the pepperoni considering this is almost double the price.


Tiny drumlets and wings basted with a choice of your sauce (we chose Buffalo). We also tried the Butter Garlic Sauce and Ranch dips ($1.50 each) — enjoyed it more with ranch!


This fared much better than the pork. Nicely seared on the outside and pink in the middle. Made even better with the well-balanced sauce drenching the rice. and sautéed onions.


Was a tad disappointed that this wasn’t really grilled (or at least lacked the char and smoky flavour). Sauce was tasty, but I wish it was more tender.


Enjoyed the tender and well-marinated beef short ribs in the former bowl than the slightly chewy jowl slices in the latter. Each don comes with miso soup and a side of wafu dressed greens.


Enjoyed this so much more than the Nutty Tart ($3.50). Light, fluffy and not too sweet! Can’t taste the cream cheese much, but we didn’t mind.


Really liked the smooth texture and intense flavours of the gelato here. It’s also “sugar-free”, but that’s only because they use an artificial sweetener, maltitol (fyi: still a carb). Oh and apparently, this chain is from Taiwan.

It’s a little pricey (there’s 25% off till end Jan!) but it’s a cosy place to chill and catch up. They also have coffee, teas and their own bakes.


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